The Venosta

1921 Passenger Train Car

Our 1921 sleeper car, the “Venosta”, is what everyone asks about first. Originally known as the "Glen Otter", it was a four bedroom, 32 seat sleeper car. It was later modified and renamed  the "Glenatha" in 1927, before it was named the "Venosta". It was fully restored in 1987 with assistance from volunteers and the West Coast Railway Association. The restoration was massive. Much of the interior had water damage. They added new electric wiring for the heating and the lighting.  Everything was cleaned and they added new carpetting and painted it.

It was used by Canadian Pacific to give railway workers safety instructions. When you walk inside, the first thing you’ll notice is the washroom. This is a fully functioning washroom. Then, as you walk along the very narrow hallway, you’ll see the sleeping compartments, set in a 1920s style. Lastly, we have our dining car. Beside the shed, you can find a handcar and crane. The “Venosta” is used for special events, including murder mysteries, afternoon teas, and even birthdays. 


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