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Life in the Trenches $5 per guest 60 minutes

Guests will get a unique experience and get taken into the past as they walk through our WW1 trench exhibit. Guests and students will learn about how WW1 started, what daily life was like in the trenches, animals in the war and more. The focus will be on life in the trenches.

CPR Train Station Program $5 per guest 60 min
During this guided tour, guests will learn all about our 1908 train station and the role the train station played in the community. There will be a scavenger hunt at the end of the program. 

Industry and Community $5 per guest 60 min
This program gives a look at the main industries in Port Moody in the early 1900’s and learn about the early development of Port Moody. Scavenger hunt and spike hammering activity included. 

Immigrating to Canada: $ 5 per kid Suitcase program

Learn about the history of immigration in Canada. The program deals with the often problematic history of immigration.


Animating History
– $15
Animating History is an innovative workshop that connects media literacy and story telling through creative exploration of BC history. Youth create a 1-2 minute animated film . Students work cooperatively with a professional animator and museum interpreter to experience history and stop – motion animation process. Choose between learning about building the railway or WW1 with topics about animals in war or how people use to run messages.

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