The Port Moody Station Museum has programs for all ages. All programs can be modified.
Please email staff at to book your program. Programs can be booked Mondays to Fridays bookings start at 9:30am and latest booking at 3:30pm. Minimum 10 students per program. 

Currently only virtual programs are offered!


Life in the Trenches tour 
Station tour
Meditation Walk

Preschool Programs

Box Car Kids (3-5 years old) 60 min
Learn about trains in this interactive program for ages 3-5 years of age.  Explore the 1908 train station, learn about trains, dress up as a train and go on a imaginary adventure. Kids will then explore the museum while doing a scavenger hunt and story time on a real 1921 train car. 

Sea Adventurers- $5 or $7 with Boat Activity. 75 min
This very interactive program will have the kids learning about boats, take them on a fishing adventure and teach them about things found in the Ocean. Get your dancing shoes on their is even a fun dance at the end! 

Wild Life Adventure- $7 per guest 75 min
This program takes kids on an adventure. Kids will learn about trees, animals and what to do if they are lost in the forest or come across a bear. They will learn about animal tracks and make a “camp”and  then we will read a story.The kids will get a little surprise to take home at the end of the day.

CPR Train Station Tour – $5 per guest (60 min) 
While you walk through the 1908 Train Station, learn about what a train statin was like back in the day, Learn about the Telegraph while stopping in at the Station Masters office, visit a 1930’s kitchen and learn about building the railway. 

Easter Bunny Program- $10 per kid (Seasonal) 75 min
Kids will have fun making Easter Baskets, decorating Eggs on our 1921 Special Easter Train. They will then hop over to our garden and go on an egg hunt! As a Surprise the Easter Bunny will make an appearance so bring your camera!

Christmas Extravaganza $10 per child- (Seasonal) 60 min 
Kids will have fun ringing their bells and  singing Christmas songs, they will then go on a Christmas themed scavenger hunt and climb aboard out festively decorated train and decorate Christmas Cookies. Santa will make a surprise visit and read a book, so bring your camera . ( Group or individual pics )

Grades 1-12

Walking Meditation- $5 per guest 90 min
 A Mindful Walk at the Museum is a 90 minute earth conscious experience for middle and high school youth, designed to inspire awareness and intention.

Building a Community $5 per guest 60 minutes
Students will have learning about all the businesses that were in Port Moody in the 1900’s. Colour homes and place on a map, have fun going to each one of our activity stations and then take part in a scavenger hunt around the museum.

Joining A Nation $5 per guest 60 minutes
Did you know that Port Moody is the original Terminus of the CPR? 

Take a first hand look at a 1908 train station and go into our 1921 Sleeper Car. During this program guests will learn about the Station, Fur trade, Royal engineers and discuss the impact of the Railways on Canada.

Life in the Trenches $5 per guest 60 minutes
Guests will get a unique experience and get taken into the past as they walk through our WW1 trench exhibit. Guests and students will learn about how WW1 started, what daily life was like in the trenches, animals in the war and more. The focus will be on life in the trenches but teachers can ask for additional focus on the following. 
Animals in War
Art in the Great War

Wild Life Adventure- $7 per guest 75 minutes
This program takes kids on an adventure. Kids will learn about  to read a map, and then take an adventure and learn abut trees, animals and what to do if they are lost in the forest or come across a bear.  they will learn about animal tracks and scat and leave with a little surprise to take home at the end of the day.

CPR Train Station Program $5 per guest 60 min
During this guided tour  guests will learn all about our 1908 train station and the rile the train station played in the community. There will be a scavenger hunt at the end of the program. 

Industry and Community $5 per guest 60 min
This program gives a look at the main industries in Port Moody in the early 1900’s and learn about the early development of Port Moody. Scavenger hunt and spike hammering activity included. 

Sustainability Program- $5 ( 60 min)
Learn about ecosystems, recycling, balance of life and climate change by doing activity stations then have fun building a terrarium. all students are asked to bring a bottle or container to build their terrarium. 

Immigrating to Canada: $ 5 per kid Suitcase program
Learn about the history of immigration in Canada. The program deals with the often problematic

Animating History– $15
Animating History is an innovative workshop that connects media literacy and story telling through creative exploration of BC history. Youth create a 1-2 minute animated film . Students work cooperatively with a professional animator and museum interpreter experience history and stop – motion animation process. Choose between learning about building the railway or WW1 with topics about animals in war or how people use to run messages. 

Seniors Tea and Tour- $7 per person- Get a tour of the 1908 Train station and enjoy tea and snack on our 1921 train car.


Station Tour -$5  60 min
Guided tours of the Museum geared towards English learners are offered for groups of 10 or more people. Worksheets are available for different levels of English ability to facilitate students’ experience through the exhibits.

Station Tour and Tea -$15 per person 
Guided tour of the Museum and enjoy having  Tea and snack  on our 1921 Train Car.