Station tour: Learn about the Port Moody Train station. Investigate the different rooms – telegram room, mail room and learn how a train station worked. 

Early Port Moody: Ever wonder where Port Moody got its name from? Find out more about the early days of Port Moody.

Curator’s Corner: What is a curator and what do they do in a museum? Follow one of our curators into the collection room to understand how an artifact collection is organized. Parts of the collection will be shown and students can guess what the objects are.  

Trench tours
Life in the trenches: This tour gives an introduction into what life was like for a soldier in the trenches of the Great War. Learn about what their day was like, what they ate, and the dangers.

Animals in the Great War: Learn about the role animals played in the Great War. All kinds of animals worked in the trenches, the air, and even on the sea. Learn about their jobs and hear about some very unusual pets. 

Art in the Great War: Learn about the importance of art in the Great War. Canada had the biggest arts program of all the nations involved in the war. Why was art so important?

Communications: Learn how soldiers passed on information in an age without cell phones or satellites. Learn how light, animals, and even people were delivering information.

Uniforms and Equipment: Find out about soldiers’ and officers’ uniforms and learn about the equipment that was used by soldiers in the Great War.

How the war started: Why did this war start? How many nation were involved? What effects did the war have on the world? If you want these questions answered, this is the program for you!  

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