Meditation Garden

Port Moody Station Museum

One spring day in 2014, Linda Moncur, a volunteer, was exploring the north west corner of the grounds when she noticed a big rock sitting alone on a brick floor with a huge holly tree growing behind it. Her imagination lit up and she had the vision of meditation space with a garden surrounding it. That vision became a summer project with the help of another volunteer, Peter. 

The following year, the McKnight Centennial Trench was expanded and it moved beside the Meditation Garden, creating an area on the grounds that speaks of war and peace, side by side, only separated by a gate.

Linda wrote a poem, the Seed of Peace, in the Meditation Garden and created a video around it with another volunteer, Gerritt, that illuminates the relationship between the trench and the garden. 

Museums are contemplative spaces where visitors naturally slow down so it makes sense to invite people to pause and sit down in the garden to reflect or contemplate what they may be experiencing on the grounds or inside the museum. 

There are other more active ways to experience the garden as well. Here are some ideas: 

Eight Ways to Experience the Meditation 


A mindful Pause in the Meditation Garden during COVID-19
An invitation to practice guided, mindful breathing…
to move energy up and down the length of your spine…
to expand and exercise your lungs…
to soften and warm your heart…
15 minutes
Instructor and Meditation Garden volunteer Linda Moncur

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