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The walking tour is composed of two parts West (red) and East (blue). You will find plenty of street parking near the Ioco lawn bowling green. The walking tour information includes text, pictures and audio. Your phone will need data to access this information.

Ioco Townsite Walking Tour
The Imperial Oil refinery was one of the first refinery operations in Western Canada and a very significant site in the industrial development of British Columbia.
Relive the past with the Ioco Townsite Walking tour. You will get a glimpse of how the town came to be and learn about what life was like in the townsite. Enjoy looking at photos and listening to past residents during this tour. 
This tour is broken up into two areas, enjoy our East and West Tours. Please stay on the city owned road allowances as these are the only public lands. The East half is owned by Gilic, the West half by Imperial Oil, the school by SD43 and there are two private homes and the Ioco Church. Follow the designated paths and RED and BLUE ICONS (depending on what tour you are taking first) to learn more about heritage buildings in Ioco, as well as clicking the additional icons (ORANGE ICONS) to learn more about the history of the townsite in general.
Before we begin, we would like to respectfully acknowledge and recognize that this walk takes place on the unceded land of the Coast Salish Speaking Peoples.

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