This year the Port Moody Heritage Society could not hold our Annual Ioco Ghost Town Day Festival, at the Ioco Townsite, due to Covid-19 pandemic. Instead, we are bringing you a Virtual Event.

Between September 27 and October 4, the Museum will upload a segment daily at 2pm that will give a glimpse into the Ioco Townsite. There will be a talk from Heritage Consultant Don Luxton; the Nickel Bros will talk about moving Heritage Buildings; Robert Simons will talk about the Heritage Conservation action being taken. There will be a radio show and more.
Join us at 2pm daily starting Sept 27th for this years Ioco Ghost Town Day Virtual Festival.

Welcome to our Virtual Festival.
Due to the pandemic this years annual 19th Ioco Festival will be virtual.

Jim Millar, ED, Port Moody Station Museum welcomes you tour Virtual Ioco Festival

Donald Luxton starts our festival with a talk about the significance of the Ioco Heritage site

Born and raised in Vancouver, Donald Luxton has a passionate interest in local history and heritage. He is one of British Columbia’s strongest heritage conservation advocates and is considered one of Canada’s foremost heritage consultants. Involved in the field of heritage and cultural resource management since 1983, he is a well-known consultant, advocate, educator and author, and has worked on numerous projects throughout western Canada, including municipal heritage planning projects, the restoration of residential, commercial, and institutional buildings, and the development of museums and cultural facilities. He is active in the field of public education through the teaching of heritage conservation courses, and is the author of numerous publications, including co-author of Lions Gate, which won numerous literary and heritage awards. Building the West: The Early Architects of British Columbia was awarded the Heritage Canada Achievement Award in 2003 and a BC Book Prize in 2004. His interest in the preservation of architecture has led to his continuing involvement with a number of heritage societies, including his role as a founding Director of the Victoria Heritage Foundation, as a former Director of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation, as President of Heritage Vancouver from 2004-13, and as a current Director of the Arthur Erickson Foundation. In 2007, he was elected to the College of Fellows of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, and in 2009 he was the recipient of the British Columbia Heritage Award. In 2020, Donald was accepted as a PhD candidate at the University of Exeter.

Robert Simons talks about the Ioco townsite on our second day of the Ioco Virtual Festival

Robert has a passion for history and heritage especially as it pertains to events and historic sites in British Columbia. As a member and past-President of the Port Moody Heritage Society, he has made numerous presentations on the historic and heritage value of restoring and revitalizing Ioco – the company townsite in Port Moody established in 1924 by Imperial Oil. Robert maintains an active involvement in the community as President of the Port Moody Foundation and Yarilo Contemporary Music Society, Board member of the Port Moody Arts Centre and Sasamat Outdoor Centre and community volunteer on the City of Port Moody’s Economic Development Committee. 

Tri-Cities Community TV compilation of past Ioco Festivals.

Since we can not hold our Annual Ioco Ghost Town festival due to the Covid-19 pandemic we wanted to give you a glimpse of past festivals. The Ioco Ghost Town festival started in 2002, after a group of dedicated volunteers worked hard to get the townsite designated as a Heritage Conservation area.

Tri-Cities Community Television captured the festival now for many years and created this montage of the event.

The Ioco Townsite Past and Present by Dan Carter, produced in 1985

We hope you are enjoying the festival so far!
Today, we will be taking a step back in time to 1985 where Dan Carter did a past and present video of the Ioco Townsite for SHAW. This video talks about the town site’s beginnings, has some great interviews from past residents, and gives you a glimpse into what it was like living in the townsite.

Art Exhibition in the Port Moody Station Museum

The Port Moody Station Museum has a new exhibition which features many of our  local artists that have been part of the Ioco Festival in past years. There are some beautiful paintings of the townsite in the Museum’s new exhibit. Come down to the Museum to see all the great art pieces by Karen Baynton, Wayne Cogley, Maureen Davies, Robert Dillon, Brenda Millar, Gail Stone,  Arlene Wiebe, Des Wilson.

Artists Interviews

We also feature performing artists Nigel Tucker and Amelie Uebbing, author Leesa Hanna, and Anne Uebbing from Kinder Books.

You can hear them sing and read on our digital display in the museum. Here is glimpse of what you can hear when you visit the museum. 

Author and illustrator Leesa Hanna reads from her amazing book Big Adventure of Little O
Anne Uebbing from Kinder Books reads Big Bear Hug
Nigel Tucker performs Driftwood
Singer Amelie Uebbing

On the 6th day of our Ioco Virtual festival we will be having two presentations.


The Nickel Bros will talk about moving Heritage Homes and how they moved the Ioco Refinery Managers home as well as the Port Moody Station Museum. 

Did you know that the Ioco Townsite had a few apple trees? 

BC Fruit Tasters always has a display at our Ioco Ghost Town Day Festivals and for this virtual Ioco Festival Laurelle from BC fruit tasters will talk about the many different varieties of apples there are and show us how to properly graph an apple tree.


If you like to download the walking tour to your phone click the share button top right corner. (the three dots in triangle formation)

The walking tour is composed of two parts West (red) and East (blue). You find plenty of street parking near the Ioco lawn bowling green. The walking tour information includes text, pictures and audio. You phone will need data to access this information.

Ioco Townsite Walking Tour
The Imperial Oil refinery was one of the first refinery operations in Western Canada and a very significant site in the industrial development of British Columbia.
Relive the past with the Ioco Townsite Walking tour. You will get a glimpse of how the town came to be and learn about what life was like in the townsite. Enjoy looking at photos and listening to past residents during this tour. 
This tour is broken up into two areas, enjoy our East and West Tours. Please stay on the city owned road allowances as these are the only public lands. The East half is owned by Gilic, the West half by Imperial Oil, the school by SD43 and there are two private homes and the Ioco Church. Follow the designated paths and RED and BLUE ICONS (depending on what tour you are taking first) to learn more about heritage buildings in Ioco, as well as clicking the additional icons (ORANGE ICONS) to learn more about the history of the townsite in general.
Before we begin, we would like to respectfully acknowledge and recognize that this walk takes place on the unceded land of the Coast Salish Speaking Peoples.

Venosta Radio Show

We always end out Ioco Ghost Town Day Festival with our Venosta Radio Show.
We want to take you back to the days that there were no televisions where people would gather around their radios and listen to radios shows, advertisements, the news and sports. Turn up the volume, get cozy and listen to Expect Exceptional Theatre perform Red McConachie Detective- Last case.

…now gather around the radio

Today is the 8th and last day of our Ioco Festival.

Today we will give you a peak at some of the pictures of the Ioco townsite that the Port Moody Station museum has in its collection. 

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