Ioco townsite community memories

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The Ioco townsite was a vibrant community. Today it is one of the few remaining company towns. The Port Moody Heritage Society has set up signs on select location in the townsite, and we encourage you to visit the site. In the 21 chapters we have collected additional information, pictures and excerpt from our oral histories. This is a live document, if you have any additional information we look forward to hearing from you.

Chapter 1 Birth of the Ioco Refinery
Chapter 2 Shack Town
Chapter 3 Ioco Fair Circa 1919
Chapter 4 Ioco Town Site
Chapter 5 Manager's House
Chapter 6 Ioco Church
Chapter 7 Anglican Church



Chapter 8 Ioco School
Chapter 9 Sports Field
Chapter 10 Lawn Bowling Area
Chapter 11 Bridge
Chapter 12 Ioco Clubs
Chapter 13 Winter Adventures
Chapter 14 Stores

Chapter 15 Groceteria
Chapter 16 Community Hall
Chapter 17 Emergency Services
Chapter 18 Victoria and May Day
Chapter 19 Ioco During the War
Chapter 20 Transportation
Chapter 21 Remembering Ioco

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