Covid-19 Journal Archive

The Port Moody Station Museum is inviting you to document events, pictures and thoughts during the Covid-19 pandemic. During these unprecedented times, events around the world and the nation must be documented on a local and individual level. Personal correspondence offers an intimate glimpse of the world that mediums like newspapers and press releases cannot capture.
This can be used as a scheduled daily time to have your children practice their handwriting or technical writing skills, or it can be an opportunity for adults to write their thoughts down. Participants can write letters to family members that are unable to visit, or simply keep a diary of their day-to-day activities or any other way they wish to document these times.
History is happening; we ask that you write it down.
Any letters or journals that are donated to the Port Moody Station Museum from this time will be accessioned and cataloged into our collection for future research and exhibits, following the Privacy Act of Canada regulations.
Please contact the Port Moody Station Museum if you have further questions or like to participate.

You can play a part in documenting COVID-19 history for the future.

• Digital content, for example screen shots of COVID-19 related web pages, emails, memes on social media
• Audio recordings
• Videos
• Photos
• Written anecdotes or observation
• Anything related to the coronavirus pandemic and your experience that you think would be interesting to someone ten, twenty, or one hundred years from now
• Art

If you have any question or would like to participate contact us at 604.939.1648 or by  email.

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