Meditation Garden

Eight Ways to Experience the Meditation Garden

Linda Moncur

 1.You may have the chance to meet and greet the Museum’s  resident robin, perched on the post or the sign. 

2.You can sit on the bench, pause and contemplate the 
seasonal plant life or the garden’s lay-out. It is like a sunken
room with the sky and its ceiling and the earth as its floor. 3. Following the path down to the bottom, you can gaze over the gate and survey the Museum’s replica of a WWI Trench.
Can you imagine what it would be like to live under the ground to keep yourself out of danger? 4. Walking slowly, in silence, you can following the path down and around the second lantern post and slowly circle back,
feeling the air against your face and practicing a walking
5. You can stroll through the garden’s eight flower beds, 
starting at the garden’s entrance. What colours do you see?
What plant life do you recognize? Do you see any ants, worms, bees, birds or slugs? 6. You can climb the stairs and stand at the railing to
survey the garden from another vantage point… Which
direction are you facing? Can you identify the Holly tree, the
Birch tree, the Magnolia tree, the Banana tree? 7. You can sit on the big rock, the meditation seat. Have your
feet flat on the ground, your spine tall and your hands resting
in your lap. Close your eyes if you like or just look down your
nose to focus. Inhale through your nose and feel the cool air
through your nostrils and pause for a moment. Exhale through your lips as slowly as you can… How do you feel? 8. You can take a picture to remember your visit or you can
draw a picture or compose a poem when you go home. Be
sure to come again!

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