COVID Stories- The Affected

The Port Moody Heritage Society is excited about a project that local community member Ana Nagy has started. Ana will be making a series of short films focusing on how COVID has affected individuals within our community.  She has started reaching out to community members asking them to share their experiences and we hope after reading more about the project you will want to participate too.

Ana will be giving a copy of the short films to the Port Moody Station Museum to add to our Covid-19 Collection when the project is completed.


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“My name is Ana and I live in Coquitlam, BC. There are 7.8 billion
people who have been affected by COVID-19. Whether you’ve caught the
virus or know someone who’s had it, lost your job or are now working
from home, our lives have all changed to some degree. It is this
change that I would like to document. Positive or negative, I want to
hear each of your experiences.

I will making a series of short films made up by a collection of individual stories focusing on how COVID has affected our lives. I’ll be asking the
following questions:

– How have you and your family been affected by COVID-19?
– How has it affected you financially?
– What is the emotional impact this has had on your life?
– We’re 7 months into this, do you agree with the measures being
– What measures would you change/take away/implement?
– What is the one thing you miss/took for granted before COVID?

If you’d like to participate you can either send Ana a video answering
these questions and email it to her at, or email her to set up a meeting and capture it in person. The final product will be posted at the Port Moody Museum Station and on various social media platforms.

Bio of Film Maker

“My name is Ana Nagy. Born in Colombia my family and I migrated to
Canada in 2000 and have lived in the Tri-cities ever since. I studied
Psychology and Criminology at Simon Fraser University. Became a wife
and mother to two little ones, and my journey of building a loving,
strong, supportive and productive family is just starting. Becoming a
parent has made me realize the importance of being part of a great
community. I want to contribute to it by listening and sharing our
values with one another. We all have so much in common and can achieve
so much if we show respect and allow anyone to freely share their
stories and voice their opinions.”

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