Pandemic Doodles by Claire Lawrence

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic the Port Moody Station Museum invited residents to document events and thoughts of their days during the Social Isolation. During these unprecedented times, it is important that events around the world and the nation are documented on a local and individual level. Personal correspondence offers an intimate glimpse of the world that mediums like newspapers and press releases cannot capture.

The museum was very excited when we learned about Claire Lawrence’s doodles. Claire Lawrence started March 21, 2020 with her series of doodles. The doodles give a detailed picture of the events of the pandemic lockdown. At times the images are witty social commentaries, for example when she presents us with a deep sea diver and gigantic toilet paper roll, at other times they are glimpses of personal live during the pandemic.
Claire Lawrence’s pen has become tool to create a documentary of the pandemic, that covers fears, Dr Bonnie Henry, and new normal of wearing masks and social distancing.
The museum is delighted to add her art work to our pandemic collection.
Find her doodles here.

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