Gift Shop

The Museum maintains a small gift shop on site which accepts cash or cheque only.
Items available include:


Children’s Books

  • “All Around Chuggington” – $12
  • “The Chugger Championship” – $5
  • “Let’s Ride the Rails: A Sticker Storybook” – $8 – li>
  • “The Railways” by Robert Livesey & A.G. Smith-$14
  • “The Kid’s Book of Canada’s Railway and How the CPR was Built” by Deborah Hodge -$18
  • “Cut & Assemble and Old-Fashioned Train” by A.G. Smith-$10 –


  • Freight Loco pull-back toy train -$6 –
  • Mini Machine toy train-$5 –
  • Stuffed Engineer Bear – $10 –
  • Train whistle art set-$10
  • Wooden train & whistle set-$14
  • Children’s puzzle – $5
  • Train Watch-$20

Local History Books

    • “Tracks in Time: Port Moody’s First 100 Years – $42
    • “Early History of Port Moody” by D.M. Norton-$15
    • “A Short History of British Columbia” by Dr. Ed Whitcomb – $15
    • “The Original Inhabitants of the Port Moody – Coquitlam Area” by Alan McMillan-$2
    • “City of Port Moody Heritage Inventory” by Donald Luxton & Associates-$20 (proceeds to the City of Port Moody)


Other Books

  • “Every Seed Tells a Tale” by Seeds of Diversity-$40 (proceeds go in part to Seeds of Diversity)

Railway Merchandise

  • Various CP and railway pins-$2
  • Conductor hats-$12 – Infants
  • Golden Spike Days coin-$10
  • Silver “Golden Spike Days” coin-$35
  • Puau shell steam locomotive necklace or earrings – $5
  • Port Moody Station Museum spoons – $3

A variety of pins


Vintage Music CDs

  • Original Radio Recordings of the 1940s and 1950s created by the SPARC Radio Museum-$15 (proceeds go in part to the SPARC Radio Museum)
  • “Remembering Jack Cullen” created by the SPARC Radio Museum-$15 (proceeds go in part to the SPARC Radio Museum)


  • Port Moody historical photo cards (set of 4)-$6
  • CP Rail photos or historic poster cards (set of 4)-$6
  • Port Moody Station Museum illustrated-$2
  • Various historical drawings-$2


  • Local interest and railway – prices vary



  1. More copies of this book and the 2013 accomplishment…’Tracks in Time: Port Moody’s First 100 Years’, available at the Museum! Thanks for sharing our Heritage!