School Programs

Half Day Programs – 90 minutes
$3 per student
Available Mon-Fri choose morning and/or afternoon

A minimum of 1 adult chaperone for every 10 children is required and chaperones receive free admission.

Maximum 25 children per program. Minimum based on 10 children. Larger groups can be accommodated upon request.

Upon receipt of your payment we will contact you and confirm your program details, date & time.

Box Car Kids (preschool-K)

Take a tour through a real train station and then learn all about trains. The kids will then have fun building a railway and taking an imaginary trip dressed up like trains followed by a museum scavenger hunt! We will then go onto a 1921 Train car and hear a story about the history of the CPR and the how the railway affected Canada. Maximum 22 children for this program.

Riding the Rails (Kindergarten- grade 2)

Experience the exciting world of trains in this interactive hands-on program. Take a Museum Tour and  learn about trains, Learn about the different jobs within a train station and on the train. Then dress up like a train and take an imaginary trip. Get a chance to try different sounds that the trains make and then hammer a spike into the railway! The Program ends with a scavenger hunt through the Museum.

Riding the Rails (grades 2-4)

Experience the exciting world of trains in this interactive hands-on program. Re-enact a 1920s train trip across Canada in our authentic railway car, the Venosta. Learn to send a telegraph and signal a train in an historical CPR station with real railway artifacts. Then Hammer a spike into the railway to see how hard the men worked building the railway! The Program will end with a scavenger hunt.

Teacher Resources
Connect the Dots activity page
Station Wordsearch activity page

Building a Community in Pioneer Times

(grades 2-4)

What does it take to start a community? Participate in an art activity, recreating the budding town of Port Moody in 1907. Examine objects from turn-of-the-century facilities such as the pharmacy, the school, and the general store. Explore the Museum displays in a guided scavenger hunt.
Teacher Resources
Building a Community Pre-visit Activity
Building a Community Post Visit Activity

Industry and Community (grades 4-6)

How does industry impact a community? Learn about the railroad, lumber mills, and fur trade as you tour around the Museum. Then participate in your choice of log sawing, hammering a spike into the railway or shake splitting. Activity to be chosen upon booking. We will end the Program with a Scavenger Hunt.

Joining a Nation (grades 9-12)

Tour a CPR office and station master quarters from the 1920s. Discuss the role of Port Moody in the fur trade and the creation of the trans-Canada railway. Examine artifacts from railway history and explore the Museum’s exhibits with a guided question sheet.

Teacher Resources
Guided question sheet
Question sheet answer key

“Engine 371”
Engine 371 is a 9 minute animated film that explores the construction of Canada’s transcontinental railroad by examining the relationship between man, machine and nature. A film without words. Visit “Film Collection – National Film Board of Canada – Engine 371” for more information and teacher resources.


Trench Programs (grades 4-12)

Life in the Trenches 

Learn about Canadian involvement in the First World War, and  get a detailed tour of the McKnight trench.This 90 minute program engages and develops the students abilities to reflect on difficult times and the sacrifices that soldiers made for Canada. Activities and discussions bring awareness of the roles and impact WWI had on the soldiers and our community.

Program is adjusted depending on grade level. The younger grades will have an enlistment/ Trench Slang activity with letter writing to a soldier.

Older grades will get a more detailed tour.

Art in the Great War

Get a short tour then learn about different forms of art during WWI. Students will get time to make their own Great War art.

Communication in the Great War

Get a short tour then learn about how they communicated during the Great War using morse code, telegraphs, flags and heliographs. Then send and receive morse code messages using heliographs.

Take a tour of the McKnight Trench : Daily 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Take a tour of the McKnight Trench











Full-day program – (9:30am – 2:00pm)

Animating History (grades 4-8)

$15 per student (including HST)

Offered Monday – Friday 9:30am-2:00pm

Animating History is an innovative hands-on workshop that connects media literacy and storytelling through the creative exploration of BC history. During the workshop, youth create a 1-2 minute animated film based on the story of the building of the trans-Canada railway. Students work cooperatively with a professional animator and museum interpreter to experience BC history and the stop-motion animation process. The goals of the workshop are to:

    • promote an understanding of how animation works
    • learn how to develop a story and create characters
    • learn the tools and techniques for creating an animated film using cut-out animation
    • understand the concept of historical fiction and
    • develop a better understanding of events in BC history.

Teacher Resources

In partnership with: Real 2 Real
For an example of the end product, watch this video:

Animating History

In Class Kits

In class kit may be checked out for a period of 3 weeks for $20.

Industry and Community Kit (grades 4+)

Learn about the railroad, lumber mills, fur trade and others. Listen to the stories of industry workers of the past, handle objects and examine historical photos and documents.

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