Pro D Day Workshop – Workshop Sold out

The workshop is sold out. Please contact the museum we are happy to put you on our waiting list.
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Pro D Day Workshop, October 19

The museum offers a variety of tours for high school and elementary students. Take your students to the elaborate Great War trench system. Tour topics: Canada in the Great War, Life in the trenches, Animals in the Great War, Shell Shock, and Art in the Great War. War in the Air.

Our Pro D workshop will also feature the many other programs and tours offered by the Port Moody Station Museum.

Museum tours for any age: Building A Community, Industry And Community, Riding the Rails, Sea Adventures, Box Car Kids, Animation Workshop (Full Day), LINC (ESL)




8:30-8.45am     Registration
8.45 – 9.00 am    Museum tour
9am -9.30am    Keynote –  Canada in the Great War


(10 am coffee break)    Workshops: (Two groups, change over after 10am break)

Introductions to our trench tours. Art in the war, shell shock, issues of gender inequality, animals at war, war in the air.

Researching the war. Guideline how to historic research. Class room application of this research.
11.30am -12pm    Introduction to Museum programs and tours
12.00- 12.30 pm    Lunch on the train
12:30pm-    Q&A Find out more about the musuem and how we can customize a tour for your class needs.

Please contact the museum to book your Workshop.