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Tracks in Time: Port Moody’s First 100 Years provides a fascinating history of the small town in British Columbia from 1880 to 1980. Using text, photos and personal first-hand accounts, the Port Moody Heritage Society creates a dramatic, factual account of Port Moody life. From the coming of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the birth of the port, to the emergence of industries like lumber and oil refining, each chapter paints a picture of how Port Moody developed through the decades. The human side is portrayed in the histories of sports and recreation, special events and life during the Depression and World War II. Notable stories highlight some of the most sensational and poignant moments in Port Moody’s history.

This full colour, 192 page hard cover edition is a must have for any Port Moody enthusiast. Purchase yours today below or at the Port Moody Station Museum. The Book is also available at the City of Port Moody, City Hall and Blackberry Gallery at the Port Moody Arts Centre.


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Online purchases can be picked up at the Port Moody Station Museum or shipped within Canada for an additional $17. Discounts for bulk purchases available. For a bulk purchase discount or for shipping outside of Canada, please contact the Port Moody Station Museum at 604-939-1648 or info@portmoodymuseum.org.

Tracks in Time Book

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  1. Benjamin T says:


    i noticed an advert saying that this book is available for purchase january 2013 (ie. now), but this site says it is preorder only and won’t be available until february?

    which statement is correct?


    • Hi Ben,
      Thanks for asking. We are currently offering pre-sale purchases for the book. We will have copies available on February 3rd.

  2. Dorothy Van Winckel says:

    The book is wonderful, more than I ever expected in every way, absolutely perfect, a work of lasting value and interest.

  3. What people are saying:
    “It was a lovely event and the book is great! I have it on my coffee table and pick it up often and read a few stories. It was a huge amount of work for you and your team! I am sure you are feeling a lot of accomplishment for a job so well done!!”

    “It was a most enjoyable book. You should be proud of your efforts – it certainly is well written and makes an excellent presentation.”

    “The book arrived this afternoon and brought tears to my eyes, so very lovely a job! It comes to life for me and I am sure others have similar warm thoughts and pleasures! It is unique, fresh, well written and attractively assembled.”

    “I’m really impressed with the design and the quality of the photographs, the paper itself, everything. I’ve read through a couple of the stories quickly, and they’re excellent. It’s a really fantastic achievement, and I think everyone involved should be very proud. I also love the picture in the front, it’s great to see all the old-timers together like that.”

  4. This book is great! I have given it as a gift and have my own copy to share with friends. The style and content ensures Port Moody history can be shared welled…thanks Heritage Society for a wonderful addition to our community.

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