Meditation Garden

A letter to my country . . .

Happy Birthday Canada!

At 150 Years,
You must be older now
than all your sons and daughters.

But then your Spirit
is in the land.
And that transcends
all of worldly time.

As one of your many, many daughters,
I’ve made a gift for you.
It celebrates your birthday
and makes a wish that reaches out,
far beyond your borders.

Each Spring and Summer,
I make it my mission
to serve the Meditation Garden
With time, energy and commitment.

I always want the garden
to communicate its message
as an ancient elder
deeply rooted
in this land.

there . . .
I present to you my gift,
A poem in your two official languages
indigenous sounds
music and garden imagery.

As one of your many, many daughters
I shout out unreservedly.

You are good.
You are great.
Happy Birthday Canada

Linda Moncur

Caretaker, Meditation Garden
March 2017

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The Meditation Garden Project

The project began in 2014 with the creation of the Meditation Garden in the north-west corner of the grounds at the Port Moody Museum.

The Seeds of Peace, a video presentation has now been completed, just in time for Canada’s 150th Birthday.

The video uses music, indigenous sounds, poems spoken in French and English featuring garden images. There are three versions of the video. The first presents the poem in English, the second, in French, and the third video is the bilingual version that came about, accidentally, in the recording process.

Here are the links to view the presentations

meditation garden - english.movie_Snapshot

Video 1 “The Seeds of Peace” English Version

Click here to link to Our YouTube site for the English Version




meditation garden - french.movie_Snapshot

Video 2 “Les Semances de la Pais” French Version

Click here to link to Our YouTube site for the French Version




meditation garden - bilingual.movie_Snapshot

Video 3 “The Seeds of Peace/Les Semances de la Paix” Bilingual Version

Click here to link to Our YouTube site for the Bilingual Version


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