The Port Moody Heritage Society seeks
for their Cookbook

The Port Moody Heritage Society is putting together a cookbook to celebrate its 50th anniversary and is reaching out to the community for family recipes and stories that paint a portrait of life around the Burrard Inlet.
We are asking locals to submit family recipes accompanied by the sorts of stories one would tell while sitting down to a meal with friends or family.
Anyone interested in being included in the book should contact the Port Moody Station Museum.


Please contact the museum for more details or to submit your story and recipes
Contact: 604-939-1648 or email us at

Submission Details:

  • At least one story of life in the region, preferably one that’s gotten a few ooohhhs and ahhhs or laughs whenever it’s been told, and is under 300 words.
  • 1 to 3 great family recipes, simple or complex, but preferably a variety

-2 to 5 family photos, focusing on great or hilarious moments spent with friends and family
    (Maximum of 3 stories/recipes)

Submissions Deadline: February 1st, 2019.

Terms & Conditions
We reserve the right to edit or exclude any text and photos that are sent to us without giving prior notice or reason.
We reserve the right to redistribute submitted recipes in any form we see fit going forward, in print or otherwise.
Because we can’t know where every single recipe or photo comes from, we have to trust that all the information is free and clear of any copyright and trademark restrictions.
Ownership and responsibility for the published versions of these submissions shall remain with the person(s) who submitted it.


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