Easter picture


Here is the reveal of yesterday’s picture. It was quite difficult. reveal2


We have already posted today’s mystery picture. Head over to our social media fee and let us know if you can spot the Easter egg in this new picture.

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Easter Picnic Event – ALL ONLINE!


Sadly the Port Moody Station Museum’s Annual Easter Eggstravaganza had to be cancelled this year to help keep everyone safe and continue to flatten the curve.

We are excited to now be doing an online Easter Event ! We have teamed up with Jeff McLellan and our mutual friend the Easter Bunny to plan one of the biggest picnics in Port Moody history ALL ONLINE. (maintaining social distancing at all times of course, as we all have to do our part).

The picnic is this Saturday April 11 and starts at 11:15am. This is an opportunity for you and your family to plan a picnic that can take place in your yard, living room, garage, patio or kitchen. Get your picnic blankets out and be settled for 11:30am when Jeff McLellan will be joined by our good friend the Easter Bunny ! This will be on the Port Moody Discussion Group’s Facebook Live and will  also be viewable on the Port Moody Station Museum’s Facebook page ( with a viewing party link).


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Mystery Easter picture


Here is today’s mystery Easter picture. And it is a tough one. We are looking for a little bunny which sneaked into our archive.1009.007.001

First Easter Egg Revealed


The eagle eyed folks at the Rossland Museum  spotted our first hidden Easter egg.



The Museum joins Kinderbooks for story time

kinderbooks book

Our Community Reads at Kinder Books



The Port Moody Station Museum is excited to be participating in this wonderful reading time that Anne from Kinderbooks will be beginning today!

kinderbooks book
The virtual Our Community Reads at Kinder Books storytime will start on Monday, March 30, at 10.30 am, with readings to continue daily until Friday.They will be posted on the Kinderbooks website at www.kinderbooks.ca 

This is about human connection, about awareness of local businesses and of course, about lifting each other up.

We hope you will follow along, be a guest from the comfort of your homeand listen to the stories from near and far read by people you meet on a usual day in our community. Share these stories with your family, friends, people you can’t spend time with right now.

And, if you feel you would like to read a children’s story to us as well, please send Anne a note. Yes, we are stronger together! 

Anne is looking forward to staying in good spirits and safe together as we make our way through.

Website: www.kinderbooks.ca

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kinderbooks2/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kinderbooks/

Feel Connected with Hearts


The Port Moody Station Museum has been inspired by Bailey Grose from Prince George. She started Hearts of PG  that started getting people to put hearts up in their windows as a way of people to feel connected. We love that and here is our heart! Come on Friends and Members of the Port Moody heritage Society lets put up our hearts in your windows! Post your picture on our Face book page if you want! what a way to feel connected.  The Museum will be putting up hearts on our street sign this weekend but until then here is our heart!


Museum at home

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Please join us on our journey together through these difficult time. The museum’s doors might be shut, for the time being, but we are more active than ever.

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Join us and please share. Let’s drive our online visitors numbers through the roof. Why? because the more we share and the more we all connect online, the easier it is for us all to get through theses difficult times.

We have some really cool stuff planned so keep coming back.

Please stay safe and please follow the government’s advice how to deal with this crisis.


Picture Puzzle

train search

Here is our picture puzzle. Have fun, and let us know if you found the pictures.


train search

We are isolating but not isolated!!


IMG_8468Today the staff of the Port Moody Station museum joined a web cast titled “Keep Your Audience Engaged, Entertained, and Inspired in the Age of Coronavirus “The webinar was joined by over three thousand museum, library and archive members from around the world.Here a small sample: Frank Lloyd Wright Home, Yale centre births art, Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust JFK library, Ogden garden South africa, Arnprior and District Museum, Ontario, Library and Archives Canada, museum in Brussels, Dublin, MOMA, Heinz History Center, Pittsburgh, Whyte museum of the Canadian Rockies, Edmonton art.We will soon bring you creative, educational and other content. Rumours have it we might even do a Spotify song list

Here is our museum dog hard at work to bring you new amazing historical information.
Send us a message what would you like to see, or read about perhaps we can come up with something.

We are isolating but not isolated!!

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The museum informs and entertains


during this uncertain time, a time in which also many public places are closed  the museum will offer under #HoledupMuseum a series of posts on history, artifacts, information and we might not even rule out small videos.
So please join us and let us have fun during our self imposed social distancing.Today is St. Patricks Day. St Patrick was born in Roman Britain, in the 4th century. Taken to Ireland as a slave. He escaped and in 432 returned to Ireland to convert the Irish to Christianity. Many legends were woven around him, one that he drove all the snakes out of Ireland and that he used a shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity.
Irish immigrant brought St. Patricks Day to the USA were it was transformed largely into a secular holiday of revelry and celebration of all things Irish.There are too many great Irish writers to recommend. So we just pick one that you might not know – Elizabeth Bowen The Heat of the Day.


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