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Members and friends of the Museum are invited to join us for our Annual General Meeting this Sunday, June 24th. The meeting will begin at 3pm with the Nichol Brothers talking on moving heritage buildings. A short video by the Alberta Museums Association on Climate Change will then be viewed and the meeting will begin. The meeting will end with the unveiling of our newest exhibit with BBQ and refreshments.

Port Moody Heritage Society Logo-001


National Indigenous People’s Day and Wool Weaving Workshop


This Thursday, June 21st, is National Indigenous Peoples Day. This past Sunday, the Port Moody Station Museum celebrated early with a wool weaving workshop led by Alice Guss (Tsawaysia Spukwus). She opened the event with traditional drumming and music, and then taught the attendees of the workshop how to weave wool into bracelets, smartphone cases, and headbands. All those in attendance had an excellent time learning traditional weaving skills, while listening to storytelling and music from Alice Guss. While the workshop was underway, museum staff had National Indigenous Peoples day activities set up, complete with newly created activities to educate young people about indigenous customs and history. We thank Alice Guss, and all those that participated.




Grab your Newfie Kitchen Party tickets now!


Don’t forget to reserve your spot for the upcoming Newfie Kitchen Party on Saturday June 23rd! Enjoy a traditional East Coast style lobster dinner, beer from local breweries, and maritime music by the New Fish at this fun community event!

Lobster Dinner – $35

Hot Dog Dinner – $15

Tickets are going fast so make sure to grab your tickets by phoning the museum (604-939-1648) before we sell out!


National Indigenous Peoples Day

NIPD 2018

Make sure to sign up soon for the National Indigenous Peoples Day wool weaving workshop with Tsawaysia Spukwus who will help you make your own weaving project while you learn about how the Indigenous peoples made clothing from natural resources prior to European contact.
Weaving project options include:
Headband – $30
Bookmark/ wristband – $7
Smartphone case – $7
RSVP is required for this event so make sure to call (604-939-1648) or email the museum (info@portmoodymuseum.org) to grab a spot before this event fills up!

NIPD 2018

Newfie Day 2018!


Our amazing volunteer Arlene Wiebe created this beautiful piece of artwork inspired by our annual Newfie Party coming up this month on the 23rd! Don’t forget to grab your tickets for a night of East Coast fun and delicious Atlantic lobster! Reservations can be made at 604.939.1648 or info@portmoodymuseum.org



Great War talk


Join us this weekend for a historical talk on the battle of hill 62, re-enactment and our genealogy drop in workshop – helping you to find ancestors who fought in the Great War.

TALK BY: Battlefield Guide and Great War historian John Goheen


Event starts at 2pm



Saying goodbye to Koch Exhibit

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All good things must come to an end, the museum says goodbye to its Koch Exhibit. This international exhibit gave the community a chance to look at Rudolf Koch’s art that had never been displayed in North America.  We had Guest speakers from two different countries, school programming designed around it and students were impacted  and produced their own artwork which is currently exhibited in the Museum.

The Port Moody Station Museum was honoured to have Dr. Dorothee Ader come all the way from Offenbach Germany to give a special talk on Rudolf Koch, it was an appropriate end to the Koch Exhibit.

Opening of Exhibit in May

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Saying Our Good Byes to Dr. Ader

Dr.Ader had an amazing time during her visit, she stayed with Markus’s family and they took her around to see the sights! She gave a wonderful talk on Koch and his work and then packed up the artwork and took it back to Germany!

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Sunday June 3rd at 2pm GREAT WAR TALK: BATTLE OF HILL 62

The Port Moody Heritage Society would like to invite you to our next Great War Talk and reenactment event.
Sunday June 3rd at 2pm
TALK BY: Battlefield Guide and Great War historian John Goheen

The Battle for Mount Sorrel took place in June 1916. Three divisions of the Canadian Corps were involved in the defence of the line here when the German Army made an attack on 2nd June 1916.

Having lost the high ground on the first day of the attack, the Canadians put up a determined fight to recapture the ground, which they did for the most part after 13 days of fighting.

Casualties on both sides were heavy. The Canadians suffered just under 8,500 casualties; of those 1,000 men were killed and another 1,900 were missing. Many Canadians killed in this battle are buried in the nearby cemeteries of Hooge Crater Cemetery and Maple Copse Cemetery.

After the talk we continue our reenactment series. Visitors are welcome to join our volunteers in the trench and learn about life in the trenches and see historic uniforms and equipment.
 We continue our drop-in sessions for those that have descendants who fought in the First World War. This information will be included in our exhibition during the 11 days of Remembrance.
Drop In Session: Starting at 3pm
Do you have ancestors that fought in the First World War? Are you interested in sharing their experiences?  We are looking for stories and photographs related to those individuals who fought in the First World War and we’d like to hear from you.
The event will take place at the Port Moody Station Museum.

International Guest Speaker Dr. Dorothee Ader, May 24th 7pm


May 24, 7pm the museum welcomes our second international speaker. After Andrew Hoyem we are excited to welcome Dr Ader from the Klingspor Museum Offenbach, Germany.

Dr Ader travels all the way from Germany to give a talk about Rudolf Koch’s work and the Klingpsor brothers type foundry. Rudolf Koch worked almost for his entire working life for the Klingspor brothers creating  more than thirty typefaces.

Dr Ader will also talk about Koch’s Little Book of Flowers. Together with Fritz Kredel Koch produced a beautifully handcrafted book with many botanical drawings.

National Indigenous Peoples Day!

NIPD 2018

Join us to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 17, 2018! Learn traditional wool weaving and take part in a talking circle.

The workshop will begin at 1pm, and will be led by Tsawaysia Spukwus(Alice Guss), who specializes in language and culture while providing innovative learning opportunities for students. Tsawaysia is masterful at bringing inventive learning opportunities to all people through workshops, drumming, singing, dancing, and storytelling.


NIPD 2018


Spaces are limited so please call the museum at 604.939.1648 to reserve yours now!