Mark Your Calender, Monday Feb 10th – Family Day…All Aboard!

Join us and create family history moments. Celebrate your ‘Family Day’ by hammering your message in metal and affixing to our railroad tie. Then get started on your ‘family tree’ with the Station template as your guide.

 $10.00 per Family, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Kids at the MuseumKids at the Museum - hammeringKids at the Museum 2

New Website

web design

web design
Welcome to our new website! We hope that you find this site informative and easy to navigate. Some of the features that you can find on this site include:

Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr with direct links to our accounts. We’d love to have you as our friend.
Sign up for our email list to get the latest blog post and other Museum news sent directly to your email.
Make a donation with our link to You can pay by credit card and receive a tax receipt soon after.
Book your education program or rental with the online booking form.
Know what’s happening at a glance with our event and display calendar.
For those of you who don’t know where we are, find us easily no matter where you are coming from with the Google map.

Finished your website tour? Come back and see us again for new blog posts and updates to our events and display schedule.

I’d like to thank Jon Strocel and his team at for choosing the Port Moody Station Museum as the winner of their website design contest. They have made a tremendous contribution in getting the site up and running and making so easy to navigate. I’d also like to thank our volunteers and staff who have helped with the site including Darrell for his advice and design skills, our Exhibit Assistant Devan for creating some of the graphics, Yvette for the great photos she took over the past year and Gail for her excellent proofreading skills.

Teething Pains

Please Bear With Us.
We have upgraded to the current system being used here at Blogger for the layout and editing of weBlogs. It meant having to upgrade to new layout templates and none quite perfectly fit our old layout so there are teething pains.
For the most part it just means a bit of adjusting on image widths and similar things and making sure we have all the information on the page that we had.
However it also means a few new features are available to us and it will be easier to maintain the Blog.
Thanks for your patience.
~ Darrell