Telegram to the Library

Did you know that the “Station Telegram” is available in the Port Moody Public Library? I discovered that fact in my web surfing. The museum newsletter, which is mailed out to members, seems to be a part of the collection. The collection apparently goes back to when it used to be called “The Port Moody Heritage Society Newsletter. I have only seen the entry online and not actually seen the newsletter in the library collection yet, but probably will look it up the next time I drop in. You can find the online catalogue listing on the Port Moody Library’s Horizon Information Portal.

The “Station Telegram” at the Port Moody Public Library.

New Program Coordinator – from the Station Telegram

New Program Coordinator

Rebecca Clarke is a Florida native who came to Vancouver in 1998 to complete a Masters degree in Educational Studies at UBC. In addition to a background in education research, Rebecca has worked with youth in pre-school and tutoring settings. She began her career as Educational Director at the Oxford Learning Centre, Richmond where she spent four years designing and delivering academic programs for children. She then worked at the Vancouver Museum as Programs Coordinator developing and delivering programs for all ages. She ahs also been a board member of the Westcoast Child Care Resource centre.

Major funding from Heritage Canada and the BC Arts Council along with support from the Port Moody Foundation, Westminster Savings and the City of Port Moody has enabled us to hire Rebecca Clarke as Education Program Coordintor until the summer of 2009. Rebecca will develop policy and pilot programs increasing our services in education.

Excerpt from the “Station Telegram” Winter 2008 Edition.

The “Station Telegram” is the newsletter of the Port Moody Station Museum and is available at the museum or mailed to Port Moody Heritage Society Members.

Education Project Underway – from the Station Telegram

Education Project Underway

The Museum is implementing a 10 month project to further develop educational programming. In the past couple of years, Board of Education policies for class field trips have changed creating some challenges for both the teachers and ourselves.

In order to meet these challenges, the project includes the development of an Education Policy to match and deliver our programs to meet course guidelines. This will include developing new educational products including ‘Discovery Boxes’ or ‘Heritage Kits’ to go to the classroom when the class can’t come to the Museum. A complementary idea is ‘Memory Boxes’ to take to community centres or senior care facilities. The results will be the development and implementation of a pilot project of educational programs for both children and adults.

The framework of the project links our substantial heritage resources to the needs of teachers in meeting specific course curriculum requirement thus attracting school classes to tour our facility more than once. The programs will also be directed to adults and families in the line of workshops and seminars with a heritage theme.

The project continues our efforts to build links into the community. Meeting the needs of our community and garnering community support for the Museum is very important. Therefore as always, we look for community and volunteer support, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, or if you would like to be more involved and participate in this creative project, please let us know.

We appreciate generous government funding for the project from Heritage Canada’s Museum Assistance Program and the BC Art Council’s Museum Projects. Additional community support comes from the Port Moody Foundation and Wesminster Savings Credit Union. This will help us hire a project coordinator, who will, over 10 months, develop program resources and position us to deliver the program in the future.

Excerpt from the “Station Telegram” Fall 2008 Edition.

The “Station Telegram” is the newsletter of the Port Moody Station Museum and is available at the museum or mailed to Port Moody Heritage Society Members.

President's Corner – from the Station Telegram

President’s Corner

Wayne Beggs

I would like to take opportunity to thank Dianna Brown for her leadership through last year. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Museum and her efforts are greatly appreciated. She continues in the Past-President position and is the Chair of our Display Committee.

Each year, the Museum plays an important role in building knowledge and appreciation of the history of the area. We do this work in the community, but we also introduce our student employees to museum work. Many of our student alumni go on to pursue careers related to their summer work at the Museum. As our dedicated student employees return to school, I would like to thank, Mark Perry, Sarah Billy, Nicole Gibson, Candice Holt, Darcy Crum, and Nick Czapiewski for their enthusiastic efforts this summer.

(image to left of 2008 Summer Students and Museum Curator)

Clearly, as an organization, the Port Moody Heritage Society lies at a crossroads. The plans for the Murray Clarke Connector will impact access to the Museum. Our Board and staff will be working closely with City staff and with Translink staff to ensure that our concerns are noted and addressed. At the same time, the City of Port Moody will be convening a discussion about the establishment of an Arts Precinct within the City. As an organization, we hope to actively participate in shaping this exciting possibility.

Our efforts to develop a base of members and volunteers are continuing. As the City grows, the Port Moody Heritage Society will be looking ot reach out to our new citizens, to offer quality volunteer opportunities. To ensure that we are attracting and retaining volunteers, Museum staff will be working to create a full Volunteer Program. If we have Society members with expertise in volunteer management and programming, I urge you to come forward to lend us a hand.

(image to right of Mr. Frank Tree – last Station Master in Port Moody)

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of our volunteers on the Education and Display Committees. These tow committees have worked hard to advance their committee mandates over the summer. The Education Committee, working closely with our Manager/Curator, Jim Miller has accessed funding to hire an Educational Coordinator and will be working to put educational programming into place over the next few months. I would also like to acknowledge the work of our Display Committee, which has investigated our significant collection and has established a draft plan for Museum exhibits that will take us to the middle of 2010. Both of these committees have advanced us towards the goal of becoming one of the best small museums in the Lower Mainland.

Thanks to you, our membership, for your ongoing support of the Port Moody Heritage Society. Please feel free to provide me with feedback about how we are doing. Call the Museum and we can set-up a time to talk.


Excerpt from the “Station Telegram” Fall 2008 Edition.

The “Station Telegram” is the newsletter of the Port Moody Station Museum and is available at the museum or mailed to Port Moody Heritage Society Members.

Moody Station 100th Anniversary – from the Station Telegram

Moody Station 100th Anniversary

In July, 2008 The Port Moody Station Museum celebrated the Station’s 100th Anniversary. The grounds of the Museum hosted many activities. The kid’s kraft tent was as popular as ever with masks, puppets and imaginative designs being created. A sweet treat for our visitors was the 100th Anniversary cake which was baked using over 100 cupcakes. An individual cupcake was given to the first 200 visitors.

Throughout the day live entertainment provided a musical backdrop to enjoying a beverage at the picnic tables or just sitting and listening in the sun. We were honoured to have the Children of the Rainbow Drum Group, which is an Aboriginal youth group. These performers ranged in ages from 3 – 14. Other groups included Moody Park, The Inlet Jazz Combo and our wonderful volunteer Nigel Tucker (image to left) who warmed up the crowd with a myriad of Celtic Tunes!

By far the highlight of the day was the appearance of Mr. Frank Tree. Mr. Tree was the last Station Master in Port Moody, ending his career when the Station closed in 1976. He lived in the building for over 10 years with his wife and family. He also visited the Station when it became a museum in 1983.

Excerpt from the “Station Telegram” Fall 2008 Edition.

The “Station Telegram” is the newsletter of the Port Moody Station Museum and is available at the museum or mailed to Port Moody Heritage Society Members.

President's Corner

From the Winter 2007 Edition

President’s Corner
Dot Harinen

As the end of another year draws near we reflect on the passing of 2007 and upon our accomplishments for the year. The beginning of 2007 saw the demolition of the Freight Shed display area. Careful thought went into the planning of the new display cabinets and the laying of a new floor. This work was undertaken by local artisans using recycled woods giving us a new Large Exhibit Hall where artifacts not previously seen, due to lack of space, can be displayed.

Our summer students spent their time constructively working and developing our Education Program, accessioning artifacts and scanning pictures and newspapers in our collection. They also pitched in with the July 1st Military Day Event, general clean up in and around the Museum, lead tour groups and many other day to day chores. Thank you, you have made a large dent in what still needs to be done.

To celebrate the Festive Season various events are planned including our ever popular Christmas Teas taking place in the Venosta. Drop into the Museum, take a break from your hectic schedule and enjoy what we have to offer. …see details outlined in this newsletter.

As we jump forward to the New Year I would like to stress our need for volunteers. The success of our events is dependent upon our volunteers. When you are making your “New Years Resolutions” please consider promising to become a Museum volunteer. We need and appreciate all the help we can get. Without volunteers our events will not happen.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and staff of the Pt Moody Heritage Society I send out wishes to you and yours for a Festive Season and best of health and good wishes in 2008 and I look forward to seeing you in 2008.

Excerpt from the “Station Telegram” Winter 2007 – Holiday Edition

Curator's Corner

Remember our Halloween BOOO-SEUM event Oct 27 &28!
(Info posted previously)

From the Fall 2007 Edition

Curator’s Corner
Jim Millar

Time certainly is marching on – it’s fall already! We have had a productive summer, with five students workers supported by grants from Service Canada and Young Canada Works (YCW). We were also successful with YCW to hire Courtney Hagen as a Research Assistant for the fall. It’s nice having an ‘extra’ person around helping out. She will be working with the Collection; currently she is scanning maps. These old city planning maps are in great need of conservation work; therefore they will be sent to the Canadian Conservation Institute.

We were also successful in obtaining an Apod grant from the Centre for Sustainability. This will provide the means to evaluate ourselves and make sure we are making the best use of our resources both now and in the future.

A disappointment was not receiving the Museum Assistance Program funding from Heritage Canada. It was a tight budget year for them with the program being cancelled last fall but reinstated after much public outcry. We had wanted to expand our education program by hiring a program staff person, but now will have to rely on more heavily on volunteers for it.

The recently renovated (and renamed) Large Exhibit Room is working out well. It was great for the AGM, as well as the Dutch and Veterans Affairs display for Canada Day and now the Laundry Through The Ages display. Hope you have been able to stop by and see it.

I met with Bruce Hitchinson, the grandson of the brickyard owner. Actually John Hutchinson Sr. had 3 brickyards in Port Moody. He shipped all his bricks by scow to Vancouver, so Port Moody did not have any brick houses in the early days. Bruce provided some interesting photographs and is trying to find more information for us.

A couple of major maintenance items: the Venosta roof is leaking again and if anyone knows a structural engineer and builder that could help us repair the platform, please let us know.

Curator's Corner

Curator’s Corner

Jim Millar – Manager / Curator, Port Moody Station Museum

It is a busy summer at the Museum. Our summer students sponsored by Service Canada and Heritage Canada are working well on projects. (See the student’s introductions on page 3)

Stephanie and Megan are working on displays and exhibits with Courtney’s help.

Trevor has been conducting school tours (with assistance from the rest) and working on breaking our tour programs into specific grade levels that meet the Educational guidelines. Mark has been scanning photos and assisting with the Educational Program. Courtney is also verifying the artefacts on display and will be cataloguing new accessions.

The recently renovated Freightshed (now called the Large Exhibit Room) is having new displays plus will play a major part in our Honouring Veterans event on Canada Day. There is a new screen and sound system tanks to the Port Moody Foundation. The Vancouver Foundation was the biggest supporter and the BC Arts Council also helped significantly. Lots of volunteer help with the biggest thanks to Dave Maxwell.

We have a few new folks helping Tom with the garden. Things are looking good there too but can always use more support.

Canada day is shaping up. We had a successful event in 2005 and naturally we plan this one to be ‘bigger and better’. Veteran Affairs Canada is the major supporter with assistance appreciated from the Consulate of the Netherlands and the Celebrate Committee of BC. We have at least 16 groups participating including the Consul Generals of France and the Netherlands with Veterans, old military vehicles and even a biplane! It will be great. If you have some spare time to help on Canada Day, we would appreciate the support as always and please encourage everyone to attend.

Membership is another important area to encourage people to become members. Important for sourcing grant monies. 2007 membership for the rest of the year is only $5. If you haven’t joined, please do and try to find some friends to join as well.

I took my first 3-week vacation in ten years, travelling with my wife, Brenda to Ireland. We had a ‘grand’ trip driving around the Island on the ‘wrong side of the road and staying at B&Bs. I will put on a slide show in September if encouraged enough – actually there are some very good pictures.

Excerpt from the “Station Telegram” Summer 2007 – Canada Day Edition

(I’ll see about posting that page 3 article in the near future introducing the students – ed)

President's Corner

President’s Corner

Dot Harinen – President, Port Moody Heritage Society

Wow… Life at the Museum is very hectic at the moment with many things happening at once… hireing and training of five new summer staff members to work on various ongoing projects throughout the Museum: assisting in the planning of events, leading tours of the Museum for school students and groups, Fathers’ Day and the upcoming Canada Day Celebration in honour of Veterans.

Volunteers and staff worked long and hard in a race against time to complete final touches to the newly renovated Freight Shed, now the “Large Exhibit Room”, in time for our June 10th A.G.M. New flooring and display cabinets, from recycled wood, have turned this area into an attractive inviting space for new displays, events, and activities. Here new displays based on specific themes will be featured. The planning of a schedule for future displays is in progress.

On the business side of Museum operations, a committee has been struck to undertake the revamping and updating of our existing Strategic and Marketing Plans. These new guidelines will be the tools to provide which direction we need to funnel energies for the best use of our existing resources.

Let’s shed our Canadian modesty and step out and promote ourselves loud an clear. “We are something very special!” Let the world know we are great and worth supporting. Remember these words when you are speaking to your friends about us… every little plug counts.

In closing “Thank you” to my fellow board members, museum staff, volunteers, members, and of course our many visitors. You are all very welcome to enjoy what we have to offer – hopefully you will come back again.

Excerpt from the “Station Telegram” Summer 2007 – Canada Day Edition