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Please Welcome Our New Program Coordinator




Brianne Egeto is an archaeologist who has a passion for local history. She has years of experience working in collections and project management and is excited to join the Port Moody Station Museum.


Thanks for the Memories




This will be my last post for the Port Moody Station Museum. For those of you who haven’t heard, I have a new position at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site which begins next week. I have greatly enjoyed my time here. I’ve made many friends and learned much about what makes a museum tick. Thank you to the board of the Heritage Society and to the Port Moody community for making me feel so welcome. Thank you also to the manager of this museum, Jim Millar for his kindness and bestowing on me some of his expertise in heritage management. I will miss you all but take with me many wonderful memories. Please come see me sometime if you’re ever in Steveston.


Rebecca Clarke


Museum Staff Take to the Water


To celebrate the last few weeks of the summer students’ jobs, the staff of the Port Moody Station Museum took to the water for a new perspective on Port Moody’s history. Thanks to Jamie and his staff at Rocky Point Kayak, we spent a morning exploring Port Moody from Burrard Inlet.

Laurel and Bronwen practicing on dry land

Setting out from Rocky Point, we started our trip by visiting the seals and their pups on the log booms as we passed the Flavelle Mill.


A mother seal and her pup

We paddled along the south shore until we reached Reed Point Marina, passing the site of the first CPR station in Port Moody along the way. After crossing over to the north shore of the inlet, we paddled past the old Ioco refinery and the Ioco town site – very important parts of Port Moody’s past and present.


Jim working hard while Rebecca stops to take pictures

All along the way we had beautiful views of the mountains and the water, saw plenty of wildlife (seals, herons, cormorants, and even sea lions!), and had a great time paddling, splashing, and laughing.


Matt in his sombrero


Devon paddling like a pro

2009-2010 Executive

As of the recent AGM here is the current Executive and Board of Directors for the Port Moody Heritage Society:

  • President Wayne Beggs
  • Vice President Darrell Penner
  • Treasurer Irene Reid
  • Secretary Al Davies
  • Past President Dianna Brown
  • Director Mary Anne Cooper
  • Director Curtis Fullerton
  • Director Pamela Hagen
  • Director Ann Hulbert
  • Director Dexada Jorgensen
  • Director Amanda Maplethorp
  • Director Bruce Schroeder
  • Director Andy Wickey
  • Honorary Al Sholund
  • In memorium Weldon Haley
  • Manager/Curator Jim Millar
  • Programs and Events Coordinator Rebecca Clarke
  • Bookkeeper Deb Naso

President's Corner – from the Station Telegram

President’s Corner

Wayne Beggs

I would like to take opportunity to thank Dianna Brown for her leadership through last year. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Museum and her efforts are greatly appreciated. She continues in the Past-President position and is the Chair of our Display Committee.

Each year, the Museum plays an important role in building knowledge and appreciation of the history of the area. We do this work in the community, but we also introduce our student employees to museum work. Many of our student alumni go on to pursue careers related to their summer work at the Museum. As our dedicated student employees return to school, I would like to thank, Mark Perry, Sarah Billy, Nicole Gibson, Candice Holt, Darcy Crum, and Nick Czapiewski for their enthusiastic efforts this summer.

(image to left of 2008 Summer Students and Museum Curator)

Clearly, as an organization, the Port Moody Heritage Society lies at a crossroads. The plans for the Murray Clarke Connector will impact access to the Museum. Our Board and staff will be working closely with City staff and with Translink staff to ensure that our concerns are noted and addressed. At the same time, the City of Port Moody will be convening a discussion about the establishment of an Arts Precinct within the City. As an organization, we hope to actively participate in shaping this exciting possibility.

Our efforts to develop a base of members and volunteers are continuing. As the City grows, the Port Moody Heritage Society will be looking ot reach out to our new citizens, to offer quality volunteer opportunities. To ensure that we are attracting and retaining volunteers, Museum staff will be working to create a full Volunteer Program. If we have Society members with expertise in volunteer management and programming, I urge you to come forward to lend us a hand.

(image to right of Mr. Frank Tree – last Station Master in Port Moody)

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of our volunteers on the Education and Display Committees. These tow committees have worked hard to advance their committee mandates over the summer. The Education Committee, working closely with our Manager/Curator, Jim Miller has accessed funding to hire an Educational Coordinator and will be working to put educational programming into place over the next few months. I would also like to acknowledge the work of our Display Committee, which has investigated our significant collection and has established a draft plan for Museum exhibits that will take us to the middle of 2010. Both of these committees have advanced us towards the goal of becoming one of the best small museums in the Lower Mainland.

Thanks to you, our membership, for your ongoing support of the Port Moody Heritage Society. Please feel free to provide me with feedback about how we are doing. Call the Museum and we can set-up a time to talk.


Excerpt from the “Station Telegram” Fall 2008 Edition.

The “Station Telegram” is the newsletter of the Port Moody Station Museum and is available at the museum or mailed to Port Moody Heritage Society Members.

Job Posting at The Port Moody Station Museum

2008 Job Posting at the Museum

Port Moody Museum Job Description

Port Moody Station Museum seeking an: Education Project Coordinator

Working with the Education Committee, utilize and evaluate available resources of various program materials and assessment criteria to develop, market and pilot educational programs.

For information about this employment opportunity, please follow this link: Education Project Coordinator

A Custodian of History

From the Fall 2007 Edition
A Custodian of History
by Nigel Tucker

One of the fascinating aspects of performing traditional music is the historical backgrounds of the music. The traditional musician could well be considered to be a custodian of the music and the music’s history. During my career as a traditional musician, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many people who are dedicated to the preservation of history. About two years ago, I met an extraordinary man who is dedicated to ensuring that our history is kept alive and enjoyable.

This man’s ability to have people enthused about their own history is matched only by his ability to get along with them. He is unique in his accommodating personality and his passion for making history enjoyable, and I have the pleasure of working with and learning from him whenever I can. To have such an individual as a museum curator is wonderfully beneficial to the history of the community, the province and the country. History is full of treasures, and the people who look after the treasures are in my view treasures themselves. We have a great treasure in our curator Jim Millar.