Trench Digging…Day 2 – Making serious progress!


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The McKnight Trench digging is under way…Learn more about LIFE IN THE TRENCHES!


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Mother’s Day Tea on Board the ‘Venosta’ 1921 Rail Car

Tea with Mom

Tea with Mom

The Port Moody Heritage Society is proud to invite you to our Mother’s Day celebration. Tea on board the ‘Venosta’ rail car is a tradition in Port Moody and this year you may choose from one of 3 reserved seatings: 1:45 to 2:45 or 3:00 to 4:00. (Our 12:30 to 1:30 seating is SOLD OUT-Thank you!)

Treat your Mum and your family to our live entertainment and a relaxing Tea with sweet treats in our finest china!  The cost for this fundraiser is $10.00 per person (cash). You will enjoy a leisurely tour of the Museum, a stroll through the Heritage Garden and time to reminisce. Take time for family Sunday May 11th and celebrate our Mum’s at Port Moody Heritage Society’s Museum!

See you at Port Moody Station Museum!

Sunday May 11th 2014

For reservations please: call, email or stop in:

2734 Murray St. Port Moody, BC.              604-939-1648           

Congratulations Jim Millar! Winner of the 2013 Port Moody Heritage Award


Al and Nellie Sholund are life time Members of the Port Moody Heritage Society and support the Port Moody Station Museum. They were happy to congratulate Jim on his many accomplishments! It was wonderful they were able to join the celebration.


Appropriately dressed in period costumes, Jim and Brenda take a photo opportunity for preservation purposes! They enjoyed the recognition for time and effort in supporting Port Moody’s Heritage!



Tracks in Time Book Launch

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book launch public invite

Pre-Order Your History Book Today


Looking for an interesting gift this holiday season? Purchase your copy of our new history of Port Moody in photographs. Tracks in Time: Port Moody’s First 100 Years is a unique and elegant gift for any of your friends and family. In 192 full colour pages, this book provides a fascinating history of the small town in British Columbia from 1880 to 1980. Using text, photos and personal first-hand accounts, the Port Moody Heritage Society creates a dramatic, factual account of Port Moody life.

All pre-sale orders receive a FREE gift with the purchase of each book.

This package of historical photo postcards can be easily included in any gift card for your friends and family to enjoy while they anticipate the arrival of their book.

Books are $40 each plus tax and will be available in February 2013.

Place your order online or contact the Port Moody Station Museum at 604-939-1648 or

Please note, that we are not able to offering shipping options at this time. All books ordered must be picked up at the Port Moody Station Museum.

 All proceeds from the sale of this book help support the Port Moody Heritage Society and its work at the Station Museum.

Notable Stories Teaser

The Hexapus

Staff at the museum are writing a history book on Port Moody which will be released Fall 2012! It will tell the tale of the city through a large collection of photographs and vibrant stories. Here’s an example of one of the “notable stories” you can read about in the book.

The Hexapus

The Hexapus
On his way home from school one day, Bill Baird, son of the owner of Baird Tugs, “saw something strange”.  Just before reaching his house, he noticed a creature lying in the mud flats, west of where the old wharf used to be located, at Queen Street. The tide was out, and clinging to one of the visible boom sticks planted in the ground was an unidentifiable animal, “the colour of a pair of socks”.  Bill got out his slingshot and, with a friend, shot a couple of rocks over the creature’s head. With every shot the creature’s tentacles splayed out in response, revealing itself as an octopus. The boys, in typical fashion, scrambled for their dinghy, loading as many tools as fast as they could, and rowed out to capture it. On the dock, they measured the octopus at 8 feet, 4 inches long, and noticed two of its tentacles were missing. After making some inquiries, they were told a curious tale.

Log Booms on Burrard Inlet

Several weeks before, and several miles west at a sawmill, “a chap had fallen off the dock” and into the murky water. The man was immediately seized by an octopus and dragged further under. Luckily he had a knife in his belt, and managed to cut off two of the creature’s arms before swimming to safety. The boys knew their catch must be the same octopus, and so strung it up on a clothesline and charged each town resident ten cents to take a look. One man was even brave enough to touch a tentacle, and was rewarded with a struggle, as he had to pry a still deadly suction cup off his hand. After their show was over, Bill Baird and his friend were approached by a group of Japanese families, who paid the boys five dollars for the delicacy.

Look out for this and more when the book is finished! Have your own stories or photos to contribute? Email us at




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Old Timers Wanted!


Staff at the Museum are furiously writing this summer! Work on the Port Moody history book is progressing rapidly, with an expected completion in early 2012, but we need the help of any and all seniors with memories of life in Port Moody.

The Museum has arranged two reminiscing meetings in the remaining summer months. These meetings are a venue for seniors to reminisce and share memories of their times in Port Moody, which will be used to guide the history book’s content.

Recent meetings have covered topics such as Moody Centre, including the schools, churches and businesses throughout the years, as well as transportation and May Days and Golden Spike Days. The information shared at these meetings has provided invaluable assistance during the writing process.
The remaining meetings will held at 10am on the 4th Thursday of every month, at Kyle Centre. The topics are:

July 28th – Community Services (City Hall, the public library, police, fire and ambulance services, public utilities, etc.)
August 25th – Sports and Recreation (including community halls, Rocky Point Park, and organized sport)

Do you have any photos on these topics? Bring them to the meeting, or donate a copy to the Museum!

Reminiscing Seniors Help with History Book


Do you have memories of Port Moody to share? Join us! The Port Moody Station Museum is working with local seniors to create a Port Moody history book. Seniors are helping with a number of aspects of the book and reminiscing is an important part of this. The Museum has arranged a number of meetings where local seniors can get together to share their memories of Port Moody’s past. They will be happening at Kyle Centre on the 4th Thursday of each month at 10am. We will provide refreshments and the seniors will provide the memories. These memories are helping guide the information included in our book. Each meeting will revolve around a different theme that will be included in the book.
Meetings Dates & Themes:
March 24th – Depression & Wartime
April 28th – May Days and Golden Spike Days
May 26th – Moody Centre Businesses
June 23rd – Ferries, Trains and Roads

Have photos on one of these topics? Bring them along to share or donate a copy to the Museum.

We’re Writing a Book!

The Port Moody Heritage Society is very pleased to announce it received a Federal grant through Service Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors program. The grant will enable the Port Moody Station Museum to produce a history book of Port Moody.

Staff at the Museum are excited to work on the book. Manager/Curator, Jim Millar said, “This project brings together the Museum’s mission of collecting and recording local history with the grant’s requirements of getting seniors actively participating in the community.”

While keen to get started, the Museum can’t do it alone. Millar commented, “We hope to have many people in the community involved in creating this lasting legacy for Port Moody. We plan to have a lot of fun getting to know each other and sharing memories.”

The project will involve a group of seniors researching and writing parts of the book and will require a committed amount of volunteer time. Other seniors can participate by sharing their Port Moody memories in reminiscing meetings to be held on specific themes of the book such as industries, neighbourhoods, social life, events and schools.

Program and Events Coordinator, Rebecca Clarke commented, “We are looking forward to learning new stories from Port Moody’s history. Just in time for Port Moody’s Centennial in 2013, it is a great excuse to come together to reflect on how far Port Moody has come since its birth.”

Millar added, “We are looking forward to researching and sharing some of the Museum’s collection of over 5,000 photographs and 200 oral histories. We would also like to fill in gaps in the collection in eras such as the 1950’s 60’s and 70’s.”

The project is on a tight timeline with the book slated for completion in October 2011. The Museum welcomes anyone interested in helping with the book. The amount of time required can be adjusted to fit everyone’s needs and all are welcome. Please call Jim or Rebecca at the Museum at 604-939-1648.