2009-2010 Executive

As of the recent AGM here is the current Executive and Board of Directors for the Port Moody Heritage Society:

  • President Wayne Beggs
  • Vice President Darrell Penner
  • Treasurer Irene Reid
  • Secretary Al Davies
  • Past President Dianna Brown
  • Director Mary Anne Cooper
  • Director Curtis Fullerton
  • Director Pamela Hagen
  • Director Ann Hulbert
  • Director Dexada Jorgensen
  • Director Amanda Maplethorp
  • Director Bruce Schroeder
  • Director Andy Wickey
  • Honorary Al Sholund
  • In memorium Weldon Haley
  • Manager/Curator Jim Millar
  • Programs and Events Coordinator Rebecca Clarke
  • Bookkeeper Deb Naso

Museum Aims High – Seeks Leaders


Port Moody, BC, May 14, 2008 – “We are not a sleepy little museum in a corner of a bedroom suburb.” So says Dianna Brown, President of the Port Moody Heritage Society, the group that oversees the Port Moody Station Museum. Brown has big plans for the Museum and is looking to build the base of community leaders that can help make it happen. On Thursday, May 22nd from 7:30pm to 8:30pm, the Museum will host an information session for those interested in becoming a board member. The evening will include a quick review of the Museum’s plans, a short tour of the Museum’s significant collection and an outline of some of the Museum’s opportunities.

“There are literally thousands of new families moving to Port Moody. We want to give these people an understanding of the community in which they live” says Brown .

The Museum’s ambitious plans include a series of displays over several years that will show various parts of Port Moody’s history. The Museum will draw on its collection of over 10,000 artifacts to make these exhibitions happen. The Museum also plans to shift its events calendar to focus on the Museum collection. “We want to host events to open our exhibitions and displays” noted Brown. “We are very proud of our collection and we want to be out in the forefront of small Museums in Metro Vancouver, showing our collection. We aim to be the best small museum in Metro Vancouver.” Big plans for a small facility. Not too big, says Brown. “The key to meeting our new goals will be harnessing the energies of additional board members. This is why we’re hosting a leadership opportunities night.”

Who might be interested in attending such an event? Jim Millar, the Museum’s Manager Curator notes that it could be anyone. “From students looking to add skills to their resume, to seasoned retirees who want to give back to their community. We are really looking forward to expanding our volunteer team.” Volunteer applications will be available at the session.

The Port Moody Station Museum (http://vcn.bc.ca/pmmuseum) is located at 2734 Murray Street in Port Moody, next to Rocky Point Park.

To learn more about this volunteer opportunity,


Wayne Beggs
Chair Board Development Committee
wbeggs at telus.net

A Custodian of History

From the Fall 2007 Edition
A Custodian of History
by Nigel Tucker

One of the fascinating aspects of performing traditional music is the historical backgrounds of the music. The traditional musician could well be considered to be a custodian of the music and the music’s history. During my career as a traditional musician, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many people who are dedicated to the preservation of history. About two years ago, I met an extraordinary man who is dedicated to ensuring that our history is kept alive and enjoyable.

This man’s ability to have people enthused about their own history is matched only by his ability to get along with them. He is unique in his accommodating personality and his passion for making history enjoyable, and I have the pleasure of working with and learning from him whenever I can. To have such an individual as a museum curator is wonderfully beneficial to the history of the community, the province and the country. History is full of treasures, and the people who look after the treasures are in my view treasures themselves. We have a great treasure in our curator Jim Millar.

Curator's Corner

Remember our Halloween BOOO-SEUM event Oct 27 &28!
(Info posted previously)

From the Fall 2007 Edition

Curator’s Corner
Jim Millar

Time certainly is marching on – it’s fall already! We have had a productive summer, with five students workers supported by grants from Service Canada and Young Canada Works (YCW). We were also successful with YCW to hire Courtney Hagen as a Research Assistant for the fall. It’s nice having an ‘extra’ person around helping out. She will be working with the Collection; currently she is scanning maps. These old city planning maps are in great need of conservation work; therefore they will be sent to the Canadian Conservation Institute.

We were also successful in obtaining an Apod grant from the Centre for Sustainability. This will provide the means to evaluate ourselves and make sure we are making the best use of our resources both now and in the future.

A disappointment was not receiving the Museum Assistance Program funding from Heritage Canada. It was a tight budget year for them with the program being cancelled last fall but reinstated after much public outcry. We had wanted to expand our education program by hiring a program staff person, but now will have to rely on more heavily on volunteers for it.

The recently renovated (and renamed) Large Exhibit Room is working out well. It was great for the AGM, as well as the Dutch and Veterans Affairs display for Canada Day and now the Laundry Through The Ages display. Hope you have been able to stop by and see it.

I met with Bruce Hitchinson, the grandson of the brickyard owner. Actually John Hutchinson Sr. had 3 brickyards in Port Moody. He shipped all his bricks by scow to Vancouver, so Port Moody did not have any brick houses in the early days. Bruce provided some interesting photographs and is trying to find more information for us.

A couple of major maintenance items: the Venosta roof is leaking again and if anyone knows a structural engineer and builder that could help us repair the platform, please let us know.

Curator's Corner

Curator’s Corner

Jim Millar – Manager / Curator, Port Moody Station Museum

It is a busy summer at the Museum. Our summer students sponsored by Service Canada and Heritage Canada are working well on projects. (See the student’s introductions on page 3)

Stephanie and Megan are working on displays and exhibits with Courtney’s help.

Trevor has been conducting school tours (with assistance from the rest) and working on breaking our tour programs into specific grade levels that meet the Educational guidelines. Mark has been scanning photos and assisting with the Educational Program. Courtney is also verifying the artefacts on display and will be cataloguing new accessions.

The recently renovated Freightshed (now called the Large Exhibit Room) is having new displays plus will play a major part in our Honouring Veterans event on Canada Day. There is a new screen and sound system tanks to the Port Moody Foundation. The Vancouver Foundation was the biggest supporter and the BC Arts Council also helped significantly. Lots of volunteer help with the biggest thanks to Dave Maxwell.

We have a few new folks helping Tom with the garden. Things are looking good there too but can always use more support.

Canada day is shaping up. We had a successful event in 2005 and naturally we plan this one to be ‘bigger and better’. Veteran Affairs Canada is the major supporter with assistance appreciated from the Consulate of the Netherlands and the Celebrate Committee of BC. We have at least 16 groups participating including the Consul Generals of France and the Netherlands with Veterans, old military vehicles and even a biplane! It will be great. If you have some spare time to help on Canada Day, we would appreciate the support as always and please encourage everyone to attend.

Membership is another important area to encourage people to become members. Important for sourcing grant monies. 2007 membership for the rest of the year is only $5. If you haven’t joined, please do and try to find some friends to join as well.

I took my first 3-week vacation in ten years, travelling with my wife, Brenda to Ireland. We had a ‘grand’ trip driving around the Island on the ‘wrong side of the road and staying at B&Bs. I will put on a slide show in September if encouraged enough – actually there are some very good pictures.

Excerpt from the “Station Telegram” Summer 2007 – Canada Day Edition

(I’ll see about posting that page 3 article in the near future introducing the students – ed)