Join us for Music Monday!


musicMake sure to join us today for Music Monday! Come down to the museum to listen to Nigel play some great live music while enjoying our exhibits!

Continuing the Walking Meditation Tours!


We are continuing our Walking Mediation tours at the museum thanks to the success of our first two! Join us and RSVP for our next upcoming tours on September 13th and 27th, at 1pm. Enjoy a walk through the museum grounds and the mediation garden to practice mindfulness in a new setting! We look forward to having you here with us! IMG_1534

Upcycling Port Moody’s Heritage Exhibition


The Port Moody Heritage Society is excited to be celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year and to celebrate we introduced our newest exhibition last night, Up-cycling Port Moody’s Heritage shown at the Port Moody Arts Centre.

Thank you to the Port Moody Arts Centre who partnered with us and curated an amazing exhibition. In today’s world where climate change has become a real threat it’s important that organizations and individuals do what they can to minimize negative effects on the environment.

The Port Moody Station Museum has began to take steps towards minimizing the effects on the environment by educating school groups within our programs, taking recycling very seriously, making our events more green and through this exhibition show people that instead of throwing things away they can take discarded items and make them into beautiful pieces of art. We want to thank all the artists who brought our vision to life.

A big thank you to John Grasty, President of the Port Moody Heritage Society who gave a great speech on behalf of the Society and invited everyone to experience the past and present by visiting the Port Moody Station Museum.

Exhibition will run from Aug 22-September 19, 2019, at Port Moody Art Centre .



John Grasty, President of the Port Moody Heritage Society giving our guests a glimpse into some past history, and how we may not be proud of lots of that history but we need to learn from the past. He also spoke about how the Society is hoping to embark on a new Indigenous Heritage initiative.


up cycling art exhibition opening reception

Make sure to join us Thursday August 22, 6pm for the opening of the up cycling opening reception at the Port Moody Arts Centre.



Fraser Mills Fermentation Company


Today Tim Vandergrift from #frasermillsfc presented Jim Millar with the donations they collected #carfreeday. A big thank you to the amazing folks from Fraser Mills Fermentation Company.



Upcycling Port Moody’s Heritage


upcycleMake sure to join us for the opening of the new exhibit at Port Moody Arts Centre: ‘ Upcycling Port Moody’s Heritage’!

Artists are helping us celebrate the Port Moody Heritage Society’s 50th anniversary by creating fun new pieces from old and used materials!

Free opening reception is Thursday August 22 from 6-8pm at the Port Moody Arts Centre. Exhibit runs from August 22-September 19.






Piece shown is by artist Yeonmi Kim

Walking Meditation Tour

MeditationWalk 2

MeditationWalk 2The Museum is having its first Walking Meditation Tour on August 9th and August 16th, for a a mindful walk through the grounds of the museum. Join us, and be sure to RSVP, for an introduction to mindfulness meditation!

Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day celebrates the creation of the Dominion of Canada, which when established in 1867 contained Upper Canada (Ontario), Lower Canada (Quebec), Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. Below are some notable events that occurred throughout Canada’s 152 years of celebrating our country!

1868: On June 20th Governor General Viscount Monck issues a royal proclamation requesting those across Canada to celebrate the anniversary of Confederation.

1879: July 1st made into a statutory holiday celebrating the anniversary of Confederation calling it ‘Dominion Day’.

1917: Marked the 50th anniversary of Confederation and beginning of a larger celebration. Prior to 1917, not many observed Dominion Day as they still considered themselves British Citizens.

1958: Cross-Country television transmission began on Canada day 1958 and colour television was first introduced in Canada 9 years later on Canada day 1967.

1967: the 100th anniversary of Confederation. Queen Elizabeth II participates in a ceremony at Parliament Hill.

1968-1979: During the month of July large celebrations are held at Parliament hill and are broadcast across the country. Celebrations included culture, arts, and sports elements and celebrated multiculturalism in Canada.

1980: financial support for local celebrations across Canada begins. Funding is for community volunteer groups to organize popular activities and performances.

1981: Firework shows occur in 15 major Canadian cities, a Canada day tradition that still happens today.

1982: ‘Dominion Day’ is renamed to ‘Canada Day’ minutes before the beginning of Parliament’s summer recess. Only 13 Members of Parliament were present and voted 13-0 to change the name.

2017: the 150th Anniversary of Confederation. The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall are in attendance at the Canada day celebration on Parliament Hill.

Happy Canada Day!


Bee & Blueberries Festival 2019 Hosted By Dr.Bee


The Port Moody Station Museum will be attending the 2019 Bee & Blueberries festival on July 13th and 14th. Bees are amazimg creatures and the museum even has it very own honey bee hive! As such we will BEE attending, come see what all the BUZZ is about.


New Staff for the Summer!

IMG_1402 (1)

The Port Moody Heritage Society is delighted to have hired 4 summer staff! We look forward to working hard together over the next couple months!

IMG_1402 (1)


























(From top to bottom: Theo, Kaitlyn, Gohar, Kristyna)

Thank you to Young Canada Works and Service Canada for funding these positions.