We have Amazing Volunteers


The Port Moody Station Museum is thankful to have many great volunteers ! We have many events throughout the year and we could not do them without the help of volunteers. We also have volunteers working in our collection, conducting research and helping with collection management. The Museum staff are currently working on 4 new programs for 2020, one program is a nature program and will be for  preschool age! During the program the little ones will learn all about the different animals and trees in the area, they will learn about different birds,  and even go on a bird watching adventure. They will have to build a campsite where we will sit around the fire and read stories!

When creating the  program, we came up with all these fun ideas. We knew it would be fun, educational and very interactive but then it was time to create all our ideas and we thought how are we going to create a fake campfire? We can’t sew……well we had a volunteer who jumped at the opportunity! Cheryl Jonsson has been an elementary teacher for the past 30 years where she has been super creative on many occasions in her classrooms. She grew up with parents who were always creating something and sewing has become her passion. So when we contacted her to sew fire pits, she accepted the challenge!

Cheryl’s mother, Joy Bean, is 92 and has quilted, crocheted and sewn for years.  Her sister, Dawn-Lynn Prediger, has an eye for detail and enjoys creating with her hands. So when Cheryl asked them to help sew some rocks and logs, there was no hesitation and they grabbed their thimbles, needle and thread!

The Fire pits were more then we could have asked for, we want to say a big thank you to Cheryl, Joy and Dawn-Lynn for all their hard work, and we know that the children will have so much fun building these! Thank you for making our program more then we could have imagined!!!

The Nature Program will be offered to preschoolers in 2020, we cannot wait to see their faces!




IMG_7886           IMG_8030


First Pic- Wonderful Camp Fire

Second Pic – Joy Bean

Third Pic – Cheryl Jonsson and Dawn -Lynn Prediger

4th Pic – Bird watching activity

Book Now! Christmas Tea on the Train

tea 2

Book your table now for our Christmas Tea on the Train ! Climb aboard our 1921 train car which is decorated for the Christmas Season! There will be Christmas music in the background and guests will enjoy a variety of teas, scones and fruit!

Sunday Dec 8th Seating’s are 10:30-11:30, 1:00-2:00, and 2:30-3:30 pm.

Sunday December 15th Seating’s are 10:30-11:30, 1:00-2:00, and 2:30-3:30 pm.

$15 per Adult and $10 for ages 12 and under
email info@portmoodymuseum.org to book.

Christmas Tea on the Train December Cash only. call 604-939-1648 or email info@portmoodymuseum.org.

Candle Light Vigil


On November 10, the museum welcomed Family History Researcher Annette Fulford as guest speaker for our Great War Talk Series and Candlelight vigil.
Annette’s talk shed light on the little know history of the women who married Canadian soldiers during the Great War. Many traveled to Canada in overcrowded ships and at times encountered quite challenging conditions in their new homes. In 1992 Annette found a letter from her grandmother, dating back to 1919. After much research she pieced together her grandmother’s journey and the experiences of many other war brides. Her talk offered a great insight into a part of the war which is all too often ignored.
If you missed this amazing talk why not head over to the cbc and read Tamara Baluja’s article. Port-Moody-Station-Museum-Candlelight-Vigil-Nov-10-2019-Bryan-Ness-photo-(1) Port-Moody-Station-Museum-Candlelight-Vigil-Nov-10-2019-Bryan-Ness-photo-(3) Port-Moody-Station-Museum-Candlelight-Vigil-Nov-10-2019-Bryan-Ness-photo-(4) Port-Moody-Station-Museum-Candlelight-Vigil-Nov-10-2019-Bryan-Ness-photo-(5) Port-Moody-Station-Museum-Candlelight-Vigil-Nov-10-2019-Bryan-Ness-photo-(6) Port-Moody-Station-Museum-Candlelight-Vigil-Nov-10-2019-Bryan-Ness-photo-(12) Port-Moody-Station-Museum-Candlelight-Vigil-Nov-10-2019-Bryan-Ness-photo-(16)

The evening continued with Historian John Goheen talking about the liberation of the Netherlands by Canadian troops. John mentioned that to this very day Canadian Veterans are highly regarded by the Dutch people, for the role they played in liberating the Netherlands from tyranny and oppression.

The evening concluded with the museum’s annual candle light procession.

We thank our amazing volunteers Mason Berto, John Goheen, Dorian Nijdam and Andrew Parrish. A big shout out goes to Bryan Ness for taking, as always, amazing pictures.

War Brides Talk November 10

Annette Fulford will talk about war brides in our Great War Talk November 10, 7pm


Family History Researcher and Writer

Annette Fulford is a family history researcher and writer who has been researching her family history since 1992. Currently, Annette co-edits and writes for the Maple Ridge Historical Society Family History Newsletter, which is published six times a year. She has written over 40 genealogy articles since she began writing in 1999.

In February 2007, Annette was awarded a Maple Ridge Heritage Achievement Award for History and Heritage Research and Publication for her work on the Maple Ridge Historical Society Family History Newsletter.

Annette has specialized in researching the Canadian First World War Brides for the past 15 year. Her fascination with war brides began in 1992 when she inherited a letter written in 1919 by her grandmother, a war bride. The letter, more than 68 pages, chronicles her maiden voyage, across the Atlantic to Canada on a troopship with her soldier-husband. The ship carried thousands of returning Canadian soldiers, war brides, and civilians after the Great War.

In her quest to learn more about her grandmother’s journey, and the experiences of other war brides from this era, she discovered there was very little written about the brides that came to Canada during and after the First World War. She is bringing their story to life in a series of presentations, displays, articles and a book in the offing.

Annette has written chapters for two books about Canadian war brides, both by Melynda Jarratt. The first is War Brides: The stories of the women who left everything behind to follow the men they loved, which was published in Britain in 2007. It has been reprinted in Canada in 2009 by Dundurn publishing. The second was in the book Captured Hearts: New Brunswick’s War Brides, which was published in Fredericton, New Brunswick by Goose Lane Edition, in 2008.

Celebration of Mary Anne Cooper’s 105th Birthday


The Museum was honoured to hold Mary Anne Coopers 105th Birthday this week. She has advocated for heritage for years, started many projects that better the community and is an inspiration to many!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY ANNE – YOU ARE LOVED!



What’s Happening at the Museum

On October 25th, the Port Moody Station Museum welcomed Teachers for a Pro D Day Workshop! Teachers were given skills for online research relating to the Great War and were introduced to all our new programs. It was a fun day and we look forward to the teachers bringing their classes to the Museum!
We are looking at a very busy November with over 34 programs being taught, staff attending the 2019 BC Archaeology Forum and having our Candle Light Vigil ( Nov 10th) and Cheers on the Pier ( Nov 30th).
During the Month of November, we will also be partnering with Simon Fraser University and welcoming three of their PDP student-teachers for their Beyond the Classroom Observation project. For a week the student teachers will observe the museum staff teaching programs, and observing how they create their programs! With a few programs being created at present they will have a lot to see! We are excited to show them all of the educational programs that the Museum provides!
Staff setting up for the Pro D Day Workshop

Walking Meditation at the Museum


Join us this Friday October 18, 1pm
for our secular Walking Meditation.

Please RSVP info@portmoodymuseum.org





Ioco Ghost Town Days Festival


The Ioco Ghost Town Days Festival was a fun time even in the rain ! Thank you all the volunteers that helped we could not do this event with out and thank you to everyone who set up displays with a smile !

Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed, and to the sponsors who helped make this happen! Thank you to the City of Port Moody, The Government of Canada, Brilliant Circle, PCT, and Remax for helping the Port Moody Heritage Society put on this event with out your sponsorship this event would not be what it is !

Our Ioco Festival is not over though! Come out this Sunday September 29 to the Inlet Theatre at 3:00 pm  to watch our Venosta Radio Show . The Expect Exceptional Theatre will be performing MARTIANS ATTACK! Go back in time when there was no television and families gathered around the radio to here stories, advertisements and music!


The Venosta Radio Show this Sunday Sept 29 at 3pm Inlet Theatre






















Take a trip back in time when families would gather around the radio to be entertained by stories, advertisements and music. The Venosta Radio Show, presented by the Port Moody Heritage Society in conjunction with Expect Exceptional Theatre, has Martian Attack at 3 p.m. featuring the characters Misty P Moody and Capt. Bobbing Buoy.

Join us at the Inlet Theatre  at City Hall , 100 Newport Drive, Port Moody

Date Sunday Septemeber 29th , 2019

Time 3:00pm




There are a lot of thank you’s to go out today! The Port Moody Heritage Society wants to say a big thank you to all the volunteers that helped set up and take part in this years Ioco Ghost Town Days. We had Big tents to put up and take down, we had a corn roast and movie night and the fun friendly festival where volunteers got soaked helping throughout the day. We really appreciate everyone who helped. We could not have done it without you all.

We would also like to thank our sponsors The City of Port Moody, The Government of Canada, Remax, PCT, Brilliant Circle. Thank you to Imperial Oil and the Fire hall for the use of the generators.


Thank you to Gabi & Jules for sponsoring our pie contest ! Guests got Amazing prizes and Lisa herself came out to be the judge !

There is still one more event coming up this weekend to end out Ioco Ghost Town Day Festival, please join us for our FREE Venosta Radio Show, Martians Attack!

This will be shown at 3:00 pm at the Inlet Theatre, Port Moody