Artifact Collection

Bell from Port Moody Central School

The Port Moody Heritage Society maintains a collection of artifacts and archival material related to the heritage of the Port Moody area.  The collection includes over 20,000 artifacts.

Flavelle Mill time clock

Highlights of the collection include:

  • 7,500 historical photographs,
  • over 200 recorded oral histories from Port Moody residents,
  • the water and tax rolls from the City of Port Moody dating back to 1913,
  • Canadian Pacific Railway objects and memorabilia,
  • local papers including 51 editions of the Port Moody Gazette dating back to 1883.

We welcome donations of artifacts pertaining to Port Moody’s heritage. Items we are currently looking for:

  • Port Moody school yearbooks,
  • historical photos of Port Moody,
  • objects owned or used by immigrants (especially Asian) who lived in Port Moody,
  • objects used by businesses operating in Port Moody pre-1960,
  • objects owned by Port Moody pioneers pre-1930,
  • objects relating to Port Moody development – building plans, maps, architectural models.Household items and other common tools and machines we keep ONLY if they have a specific Port Moody connection.

For more information about any of the above, contact us at 604-939-1648 or