We are isolating but not isolated!!

IMG_8468Today the staff of the Port Moody Station museum joined a web cast titled “Keep Your Audience Engaged, Entertained, and Inspired in the Age of Coronavirus “The webinar was joined by over three thousand museum, library and archive members from around the world.Here a small sample: Frank Lloyd Wright Home, Yale centre births art, Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust JFK library, Ogden garden South africa, Arnprior and District Museum, Ontario, Library and Archives Canada, museum in Brussels, Dublin, MOMA, Heinz History Center, Pittsburgh, Whyte museum of the Canadian Rockies, Edmonton art.We will soon bring you creative, educational and other content. Rumours have it we might even do a Spotify song list

Here is our museum dog hard at work to bring you new amazing historical information.
Send us a message what would you like to see, or read about perhaps we can come up with something.

We are isolating but not isolated!!

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