Candle Light Vigil

On November 10, the museum welcomed Family History Researcher Annette Fulford as guest speaker for our Great War Talk Series and Candlelight vigil.
Annette’s talk shed light on the little know history of the women who married Canadian soldiers during the Great War. Many traveled to Canada in overcrowded ships and at times encountered quite challenging conditions in their new homes. In 1992 Annette found a letter from her grandmother, dating back to 1919. After much research she pieced together her grandmother’s journey and the experiences of many other war brides. Her talk offered a great insight into a part of the war which is all too often ignored.
If you missed this amazing talk why not head over to the cbc and read Tamara Baluja’s article. Port-Moody-Station-Museum-Candlelight-Vigil-Nov-10-2019-Bryan-Ness-photo-(1) Port-Moody-Station-Museum-Candlelight-Vigil-Nov-10-2019-Bryan-Ness-photo-(3) Port-Moody-Station-Museum-Candlelight-Vigil-Nov-10-2019-Bryan-Ness-photo-(4) Port-Moody-Station-Museum-Candlelight-Vigil-Nov-10-2019-Bryan-Ness-photo-(5) Port-Moody-Station-Museum-Candlelight-Vigil-Nov-10-2019-Bryan-Ness-photo-(6) Port-Moody-Station-Museum-Candlelight-Vigil-Nov-10-2019-Bryan-Ness-photo-(12) Port-Moody-Station-Museum-Candlelight-Vigil-Nov-10-2019-Bryan-Ness-photo-(16)

The evening continued with Historian John Goheen talking about the liberation of the Netherlands by Canadian troops. John mentioned that to this very day Canadian Veterans are highly regarded by the Dutch people, for the role they played in liberating the Netherlands from tyranny and oppression.

The evening concluded with the museum’s annual candle light procession.

We thank our amazing volunteers Mason Berto, John Goheen, Dorian Nijdam and Andrew Parrish. A big shout out goes to Bryan Ness for taking, as always, amazing pictures.

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