War Brides Talk November 10

Annette Fulford will talk about war brides in our Great War Talk November 10, 7pm


Family History Researcher and Writer

Annette Fulford is a family history researcher and writer who has been researching her family history since 1992. Currently, Annette co-edits and writes for the Maple Ridge Historical Society Family History Newsletter, which is published six times a year. She has written over 40 genealogy articles since she began writing in 1999.

In February 2007, Annette was awarded a Maple Ridge Heritage Achievement Award for History and Heritage Research and Publication for her work on the Maple Ridge Historical Society Family History Newsletter.

Annette has specialized in researching the Canadian First World War Brides for the past 15 year. Her fascination with war brides began in 1992 when she inherited a letter written in 1919 by her grandmother, a war bride. The letter, more than 68 pages, chronicles her maiden voyage, across the Atlantic to Canada on a troopship with her soldier-husband. The ship carried thousands of returning Canadian soldiers, war brides, and civilians after the Great War.

In her quest to learn more about her grandmother’s journey, and the experiences of other war brides from this era, she discovered there was very little written about the brides that came to Canada during and after the First World War. She is bringing their story to life in a series of presentations, displays, articles and a book in the offing.

Annette has written chapters for two books about Canadian war brides, both by Melynda Jarratt. The first is War Brides: The stories of the women who left everything behind to follow the men they loved, which was published in Britain in 2007. It has been reprinted in Canada in 2009 by Dundurn publishing. The second was in the book Captured Hearts: New Brunswick’s War Brides, which was published in Fredericton, New Brunswick by Goose Lane Edition, in 2008.

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