What’s Happening at the Museum

On October 25th, the Port Moody Station Museum welcomed Teachers for a Pro D Day Workshop! Teachers were given skills for online research relating to the Great War and were introduced to all our new programs. It was a fun day and we look forward to the teachers bringing their classes to the Museum!
We are looking at a very busy November with over 34 programs being taught, staff attending the 2019 BC Archaeology Forum and having our Candle Light Vigil ( Nov 10th) and Cheers on the Pier ( Nov 30th).
During the Month of November, we will also be partnering with Simon Fraser University and welcoming three of their PDP student-teachers for their Beyond the Classroom Observation project. For a week the student teachers will observe the museum staff teaching programs, and observing how they create their programs! With a few programs being created at present they will have a lot to see! We are excited to show them all of the educational programs that the Museum provides!
Staff setting up for the Pro D Day Workshop

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