Upcycling Port Moody’s Heritage Exhibition

The Port Moody Heritage Society is excited to be celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year and to celebrate we introduced our newest exhibition last night, Up-cycling Port Moody’s Heritage shown at the Port Moody Arts Centre.

Thank you to the Port Moody Arts Centre who partnered with us and curated an amazing exhibition. In today’s world where climate change has become a real threat it’s important that organizations and individuals do what they can to minimize negative effects on the environment.

The Port Moody Station Museum has began to take steps towards minimizing the effects on the environment by educating school groups within our programs, taking recycling very seriously, making our events more green and through this exhibition show people that instead of throwing things away they can take discarded items and make them into beautiful pieces of art. We want to thank all the artists who brought our vision to life.

A big thank you to John Grasty, President of the Port Moody Heritage Society who gave a great speech on behalf of the Society and invited everyone to experience the past and present by visiting the Port Moody Station Museum.

Exhibition will run from Aug 22-September 19, 2019, at Port Moody Art Centre .



John Grasty, President of the Port Moody Heritage Society giving our guests a glimpse into some past history, and how we may not be proud of lots of that history but we need to learn from the past. He also spoke about how the Society is hoping to embark on a new Indigenous Heritage initiative.


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