Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day celebrates the creation of the Dominion of Canada, which when established in 1867 contained Upper Canada (Ontario), Lower Canada (Quebec), Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. Below are some notable events that occurred throughout Canada’s 152 years of celebrating our country!

1868: On June 20th Governor General Viscount Monck issues a royal proclamation requesting those across Canada to celebrate the anniversary of Confederation.

1879: July 1st made into a statutory holiday celebrating the anniversary of Confederation calling it ‘Dominion Day’.

1917: Marked the 50th anniversary of Confederation and beginning of a larger celebration. Prior to 1917, not many observed Dominion Day as they still considered themselves British Citizens.

1958: Cross-Country television transmission began on Canada day 1958 and colour television was first introduced in Canada 9 years later on Canada day 1967.

1967: the 100th anniversary of Confederation. Queen Elizabeth II participates in a ceremony at Parliament Hill.

1968-1979: During the month of July large celebrations are held at Parliament hill and are broadcast across the country. Celebrations included culture, arts, and sports elements and celebrated multiculturalism in Canada.

1980: financial support for local celebrations across Canada begins. Funding is for community volunteer groups to organize popular activities and performances.

1981: Firework shows occur in 15 major Canadian cities, a Canada day tradition that still happens today.

1982: ‘Dominion Day’ is renamed to ‘Canada Day’ minutes before the beginning of Parliament’s summer recess. Only 13 Members of Parliament were present and voted 13-0 to change the name.

2017: the 150th Anniversary of Confederation. The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall are in attendance at the Canada day celebration on Parliament Hill.

Happy Canada Day!


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