Saying goodbye to Koch Exhibit

All good things must come to an end, the museum says goodbye to its Koch Exhibit. This international exhibit gave the community a chance to look at Rudolf Koch’s art that had never been displayed in North America.  We had Guest speakers from two different countries, school programming designed around it and students were impacted  and produced their own artwork which is currently exhibited in the Museum.

The Port Moody Station Museum was honoured to have Dr. Dorothee Ader come all the way from Offenbach Germany to give a special talk on Rudolf Koch, it was an appropriate end to the Koch Exhibit.

Opening of Exhibit in May

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Saying Our Good Byes to Dr. Ader

Dr.Ader had an amazing time during her visit, she stayed with Markus’s family and they took her around to see the sights! She gave a wonderful talk on Koch and his work and then packed up the artwork and took it back to Germany!

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