Background info on our April 21 event


imposing-stoneApril 21 we continue our exciting programming around our Koch exhbition.

Andrew Hoyem from the Arion Press in San Francisco will give the first talk at 5pm.

If you are not familiar with letterpress printing and fine printing Andrew might not be a familiar figure. However Andrew Hoyem is consideredĀ  a master printer. Again that might not mean much to most people. A book for most of us is something they pick up in a bookstore or library. Little thought ever goes to how a book is produced. Andrew Hoyem is the publisher of books which not only have a beautiful layout but which are produced with expert skill and craft. The books are printed by the fine letterpress printers at Arion Press, beautifully bound and in most cases feature the original artwork by famous artists.

Andrew Hoyem went into partnership with America’s finest press the Grabhorn Press. Interestingly enough the Grabhorn Press has a long standing connection with Rudolf Koch. In 1928 the Grabhorn Press printed a beautiful book for Random House usingĀ  (Bibel Gotisch) a typeface designed and cut by Rudolf Koch.

andrewEventually Andrew renamed the Press to Arion Press. The amazing press and the Grabhorn Institute are now located in the SF Presidio.

The Arion Press has printed a huge range of beautifully designed, printed and bound books. Among them for example the celebrated edition of Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”, published in 1971, or the breath taking Bible printed in 2000.

If you like more information please please follow the links below.

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