Busy start to Heritage Week!

We had a busy day yesterday at the Museum to start our Heritage Week!
At 8: 30am the day started with a class from Burnaby North Secondary school getting a tour of the WW1 Trench and of the New Koch Exhibit. They then sat down and did their own sketches, which will be used in a new exhibit in the future.










At 12:30, we had a special exhibition called, ” Unpacking my Suitcase” Immigration in Canada.

The students of Ms Lehtonen’s Social Studies 10 Art Enriched course at Burnaby North Secondary School prepared a series of suitcases. The students researched immigration policies and history.

The result of their meticulous research is presented in the form of a fictional character’s suitcase.
Each suitcase contains a carefully researched story and beautifully crafted contents. A big thank you to Burnaby North Secondary, Ms. Lehtonen and all the students who did such a great job and put their hearts into this project!  For anyone that missed the event, please come down to the museum where you can view the suitcases! Please join us on Thursday at the Museum at 2pm, for a talk on First Nation Soldiers in the Great War.

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