Port Moody Station Museum Week of Remembrance

Our Week of Remembrance events have been picked up by various media outlets. Check them out below!

Great War Talk and Candlelight Vigil (Nov 8, 7-9pm)

Listen to CBC North by Northwest HERE around the 2:26 mark

Check out Good Times Magazine calendar section of their November issue

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Great War Talk: Aboriginals in the Great War (Nov 12, 2-3pm)

Guest Speaker Tom Van Walleghem of the Great War Talk on First Nations soldiers did an interview with the Tri-City News. Read it HERE

Tell Us the Stories Exhibition Opening (Nov 12, 4-5pm)

Look out for our segment on Breakfast Television Vancouver on City TV airing Friday locally and Saturday nationally.



  1. Charlotte Cameron says:

    I am so impressed by the work the Port Moody Station Museum has done to help us all try to comprehend what it must have been like for soldiers in the trenches during WW1. Through Monique Renaud, Public Relations Manager of the Playwrights Guild of Canada, and Markus Fahrner of the Port Moody Station Museum, it was arranged that I would read from my play Running: The Alex Decoteau Story at a Candlelight Vigil at the Museum on November 10th. First the audience was in the Museum to hear a very informative talk on Passchendaele by John Goheen. Then they were given covered candles to carry into the trenches for the vigil. I stood on a second floor deck of the Museum, very moved to look down at the candles in the trenches, as I read excerpts from my play. People told me afterwards that they felt they knew Alex Decoteau because of hearing details such as his height, small pox vaccination mark, and tattoo on his left arm. I was also able to read excerpts from the last letter Alex Decoteau wrote home to his sister, Emily. A few days before he was shot by a sniper while running a message at the Battle of Passchendaele he wrote, “Give my love to Grannie when you see her. Love to the children. Remember me to what few friends I have left. For yourself love and affection from your brother, Alex.
    I would like to thank all the people at the Port Moody Station Museum for putting on this wonderful event which will lift up our hearts and help the spirit of Alex Decoteau live on.

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