Remember this movie?


The first IOCO lands (@ the Bowling Green IOCO lands) movie night is here. Friday 8.00pm come and enjoy the screening of Back to the future


Free popcornbtf

Car Free Day is coming up!


August 20th is No Car Day on St. Johns.
The Port Moody Station Museum team is committed to being car-free and we will be carrying all our equipment to the event without using vehicles.
Make sure to stop by our booth and say hi!


Oral Histories – Corine Carey


8292131Here at the Port Moody Station Museum we strive to keep a record of the history of our beautiful city and the people who live, or have lived, in it. One of the ways we do this is through our Oral Histories initiative, which has captured the stories of over 100 people so far. The most recent of these is Corine Carey, the first Oral Histories shot in video. We hope for this to become the new status quo for our project, and invite you to watch her stories about life in Ioco on YouTube at the link below. If you have information on local history and would like to be interviewed for an Oral History, please contact the museum and let us know.

Date change for Dieppe Raid talk


Date for the 75th Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid talk with guest presenter John Goheen has moved from August 18th to August 25th. Learn more about Canadian involvement in the Dieppe Raid during WWII.


The 24hr Trench reenactment is coming up soon!

24hr trench 2

Make sure to drop by on Saturday August 19th at 4pm to watch our WWI trench reenactment event! Make sure to bring your camera along and snap some realistic pictures of life in the trenches!

24hr trench 2



pomomuseum Kilts are an excellent way to beat the heat! Come see more of them at our WW1 reenactment at the Port Moody Station Museum on August 19th! Learn more about what soldiers did during their 24 hours a day in the trenches. Also come check out our Dieppe raid talk on August 18th too!

UME Summer Day Camp is Coming Up Next Week!


Attention all kids! An upcoming UME summer camp held at the Port Moody Station Museum may be the coolest way to spend next week!

The theme is ‘Game Creation’ and students will make more than just video games! At the UME Game Design Camp, participants will learn to make awesome video games using Unity software, play and design outdoor games, as well as trying new games that connect past and present. What do morse code and computer code have in common? We’ll find out! Each daywill include outdoor games, play and exploration all fused with game design theory and practice!

Kids will do a wide range of activities from learning game design skills in the Unity engine to touring the museum!

This awesome opportunity will run from August 8-11th (next Tuesday to Friday), using our 1921 Venosta railway car as a classroom.

Sign up now at
There are still a few spots left, so hurry and reserve your place today!IMG_20170317_140642 IMG_20170317_120214

Bat Boxes at the Museum


Have you ever taken a look at the bat boxes installed at the museum?
Kiyoshi Takahashi of the Burke Mountain Naturalists Club installed these 2 bat boxes at the Museum; a ‘Two-chamber small bat house’ and a ‘Five-chamber maternity bat house.’

The most common social bat species in the area are the Little Brown Myotis and Yuma Myotis and the most common solitary species are the Big Brown Bat, Hoary Bat and the Silver-haired Bat. Kiyoshi predicts that it is most likely that around 90% of the bats that use the boxes with be the Little Brown Myotis and Yuma Myotis bats.

It can take up to three years for bats to get used to and settle in the boxes. Kiyoshi is checking the boxes regularly to see if bats have made a new home in the bat boxes at the Museum.

To learn more about the Burke Mountain Naturalists Club visit their website at

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