community spirit

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Today I opened the museum early for one of our regular volunteers to help paint our deck.
It is wonderful to see the many regular volunteers who put in so much hard work – fixing things, gardening or helping with our collection. It shows that the museum is truly a community place.

Photo 2017-07-27, 8 29 16 AM

CP Canada 150 Train


Have a look at this great video and join us for a fun family event this Friday 1-8pm behind the PoMo Rec centre.20292674_1646302698737997_8318445106795088081_n-1

CP Canada 150 train on July 28 from 5-8pm


Visit the 20292775_1643970635637870_697059518179361535_nat Port Moody Rec Field. While you’re there, stop by the museum’s table and get a papercraft model of the CP 1401 Engine that will be leading the Canada 150 train across the country! It’s a unique hand-crafted model lovingly crafted by our museum coordinator.



IMG_1429We are excited to be part of Ribfest. Enjoy Ribfest and say hi to our museum staff at our table in the kids’ zone. We are thrilled to be part of this fun fest. We will have some exciting activities at our table. And as always we provide the link to the past.

Summer at the museum

Last night the museum was mentioned for Art at the Council.

There are many exciting things coming up in the next weeks.
We have are hosting a couple summer camps with Block 8 Academy and later in the summer with UME Academy.

In our part of the summer camps the kids will be “transported” back to 1915 and learn to be artists in the trenches.

August 19 our next 24 Hr trench will allow visitors to travel back in time.

Happy 4th of July!

first train

July 4th marks the anniversary of the first passenger train arriving in Port Moody in 1886. The train left Montreal and arrived in Port Moody in less than 6 days. It carried a total of 150 passengers.

first train