Happy Victoria Day!

Happy Victoria Day! Looking for something to do today? Come to the Port Moody Station Museum. We’re open!

Ever wonder why we celebrate Victoria Day?

Victoria Day was created in celebration of the Birthday of Queen Victoria on May 24th 1819 and was declared a holiday in 1845 by the legislature of the Province of Canada. After Queen Victoria’s death in 1901, the Canadian parliament declared Victoria Day an annual holiday to be celebrated every 24th of May in memory of the first queen of Canada. In 1952 the holiday was moved to the Monday occurring before the 24th of May every year and is now used to celebrate the official birthday of the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

Canada is the only country where Victoria Day is a celebrated national holiday. Although Queen Victoria never did come to Canada, she is very important to Canada’s history as the first monarch to reign in a newly formed Canada after confederation in 1867. The creation of Victoria Day was an effort to create a stronger sense of unity between English and French Canadians. Despite their cultural differences, both viewed loyalty to the monarch as an important trait for Canadians.

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