Seniors Engagement at the Museum

 Seniors Engagement at the Port Moody Station Museum

The Port Moody Station Museum will be holding a  meeting on November 6th at 2:30pm to plan the action for Seniors Engagement. The Port Moody Heritage Society has received a grant from the Vancouver Foundation to develop a project that would encourage seniors to participate at the Museum on a frequent basis.  This would benefit seniors in keeping them involved with their community and benefit the Museum in being relevant to their community. Everyone is welcome.

WHERE: At the Port Moody Station Museum, 2734 Murray St. Port Moody

WHEN: November 6, 2016 2:30 pm

WHY: To be a vital part of the community, the Museum must stay relevant and meet community expectations.  Seniors are an important part of the community and have their own needs: feeling of self-worth, being included, being productive and sense of accomplishment.

HOW:  With the support of the Vancouver Foundation, the Port Moody Heritage Society will engage seniors to determine what projects and activities would entice seniors to participate with the Port Moody Station Museum.  The goal being to develop a project that has seniors help the Museum while the Museum helps them.  Many seniors feel lonely and isolated; not contributing to the betterment of their community.  The Museum needs to be relevant to the community in order to meet its mission.  We need to develop a win-win project for both seniors and the Museum.


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