Museum closed during the Holiday!

The Museum will be closed over the holidays. Closed from December 21-December 26, We will be open Dec. 27-30 from noon-4pm and January 2nd onward.

Have a great holiday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!






  1. Margaret Walker says:

    A friend and I attended the 2pm Christmas Tea yesterday. I would like to thank the staff and volunteers for putting on such an enjoyable and pleasant event. The food was delicious and was very generous in portion. There was one person serving, and I don’t know her name, who deserves special recognition. She was the perfect hostess, friendly and so courteous. She handled the problem of a breaker malfunctioning, hence no boiling water for the tea, very calming. She was so apologetic that we didn’t mind at all.

    I would ask you to consider putting on similar “teas” at other yearly events. My friend and I will be telling our friends how great an event it was and encourage other teas.

    I have a few suggestions. since the Tea was so popular, please add a few more dates for it. I wanted to bring my family but yesterday was such a busy day, that they couldn’t manage it. Secondly, charging just $10 admission was a bargain. Not being one who doesn’t like an inexpensive outing, I believe raising the price to say $15 would be appropriate.

    Another thought. The local newspaper reps could have been invited. There was a great photo opportunity for the papers. I also suggest that sponsors might be interested in helping to fund the tea.

    Again, thank you everyone.

    Merry Christmas!

    • Hello Margaret,
      It was wonderful having you and your guest join us! Thank you for being so patient with the boiling water! Thank you for all the nice words as well, it was a pleasure having you there for our Christmas Tea! We have a Mother’s day Tea that COBBS BREAD SUTTERBROOK donates delicious scones for the Event! The Scones are Fantastic and there is also fruit and other baked goods! Thank you for the idea about getting the newspapers involved. I am so happy that you enjoyed our Christmas tea and I will let the rest of the volunteers that day about all your nice words! Thank you again and it was nice meeting you that day!
      Brianne Egeto
      Museum Coordinator

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