Welcoming our new board

Thank you for everyone that joined us on June 17th for our Annual General Meeting, we had some delicious food and it was great to see some new faces. We elected our new board, talked about the past year and thanked Al Davies and Darrell Penner for all the service to the board that they have given throughout the years. We ended the night with a video volunteer Gerrit deWaal created about the Ioco Town site.

We are happy to announce that Robert Simons was reelected as President of our Society. We are lucky to have him and look forward to another year with him. We want to congratulate David Ritcey for becoming our new Vice President and want to welcome Gail Murray who is new to board and taking the position of Secretary. We are happy to have Irene Reid as our treasurer.

Joining us for another year are Directors Armando Elias, Bob Elliot, Dan Kirchner, Bruce Schroeder, and Wade Leslie. We would like to extend a big welcome to our new board members, Bruce Gibson, and Bradley Letwin. We look forward to working with you all this year.






























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