Thank you Assumpta!



 Today is Assumpta’s last day at the museum and we want to thank her for all her hard work! Assumpta has been volunteering at the museum for the past 8 weeks. She always had a smile and was a delight to work with. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors and will miss her!



Don’t miss the opportunity to see Fashion Historian Ivan Sayers !


The Port Moody Heritage Society and The Port Moody Station Museum would like to invite you to our Fundraising Fashion Show event!

Join host Ivan Sayers  for an unforgettable Sunday afternoon and enjoy a glamorous live fashion review of historical men’s and women’s travelling fashions from 1900 to 2000.


     Buy your tickets at or at the Port Moody Station Museum!

Ivan Sayers


      History of Travelling Fashion

March 8, 2015

Inlet Theatre 2pm

Tickets: $27.50


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Celebrating Heritage at Queen Street Plaza


We want to thank the Heritage Commission, especially Graham Walker and Alanna McDonagh for inviting us to participate in celebrating heritage at this weekends Queen Street Plaza event.   There was live music from the band ADOB, a heritage police car, a bus museum, displays,  and free hot chocolate and popcorn.  At our display, kids dressed up like trains and had fun on our colorful train tracks. We also had coloring activities, a Now and Then display and a map showing what Port Moody would have looked like in early 1900.  During the event there was a bus that took  guests  from Queen Street Plaza to the Museum, where guests enjoyed tours about Early Port Moody. They were able to walk through our meditation garden and many were interested in the WW1 trench display being built in the back!  These events cannot be done without volunteers, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to Gerrit DeWaal for going out of his way to create a Now and Then presentation for the event, Dave Maxwell, Peter Hiebert, Robert Simons and Brianne Egeto for setting up and helping throughout the day.











The McKnight Trench


Have you seen what is being built in the back of the Museum? Please come by and have a look! A dedicated group of volunteers have been hard at work, creating a WW1 Trench display. This display is intended to promote an important part of Canadian history and pay tribute to our former engineer and resident, Augustus McKnight. The message we hope the trench will clearly convey is peace and remembrance. When completed The trench will be  70 feet and with the addition of  no man’s land the entire display will cover 140 feet and will be in place for 4 years to coincide with the war’s anniversary period.

One unique aspect of the trench is that it is all dug by hand. The dedication of Guy Black, Sean, Sonny, Cary, Allan, John, Jim and Markus is incredible. These guys come rain or shine and work long days. We really want to thank them for all their hard work and dedication to this project.

We also want to say a big thank you to the officers and cadets of the Royal Westminster Regiment from Aldergrove ,the Royal Westminster Regiment from Maple Ridge and the 6 Engineers from North Vancouver that have came out on multiple occasions to help. This weekend we had a cadet representing the British Columbia Regiment from Port Moody join in to help and give his services. We really appreciate the cadets taking the time to help us build a display that we believe will educate individuals about an important part of Canadian History.

Donations are needed to help with the building of the Trench. We are in need of a load of sand, burlap sand bags and wood including 2 x 4’s, 4 x 4 posts, 2 x 8 planks, and some real logs 8 to 12 feet long and 6 to 10 inch diameter. If anyone would like to donate these items please contact Jim Millar at the museum, 604-939-1648. We are also asking for your help to support the cost of this poignant museum project, please go to to help us.













Celebrating Heritage


The Port Moody Station Museum will be celebrating Heritage on Monday February 16 and February 22nd.

On the 16th, we invite guests to the museum for a guided tour to learn about Port Moody’s history! There will be a great activity for the kids, where they will color buildings and create what early Port Moody would have looked like in the 1900’s. They then can participate in a scavenger hunt.  On February 22, We are proud to participate in an event celebrating Heritage,  that is being held at Queen Street Plaza. From 12 noon – 4 pm, please stop by and enjoy celebrating with us!

Working On the Rail Road was a big Success!


Our annual Family Day Event was a huge success this year!  We had over 260 guests enjoy our Working on the Railroad theme. Families hammered their names into our train tracks and went onto our 1921 train car for hot chocolate and story time. With huge smiles the kids created conductor hats and proudly wore them throughout their visit. As they ventured inside, they were met with two train displays that featured artifacts pertaining to the railway. Kids enjoyed going through the museum looking for the answers to our scavenger hunt and were able to dress up in train car outfits. One of the big hits for the event was our play area, where kids were able to play with our trains. We had amazing volunteers! We want to thank Assumpta, Chloe, Michelle, Jiesi, Mussab, Sean, Arlene, Mary, Tatiana and Jessica for taking the time to help us out during this fun event!


We also would like to thank Laura Thomas from Snapd for taking photo’s for the event! She was wonderful with our guests and always has a smile!


It was an event not to be missed, full of great activities ! Make sure this event is on your must-do list for next year


















Museum Receives Peter Hulbert Accessibility Award

Freedom of the City Ann Hulbert, joined Councillor Rick Glumac

Freedom of the City Ann Hulbert, joined Councillor Rick Glumac

Freedom of the City Ann Hulbert, joined Councillor Rick Glumac

The Port Moody Heritage Society received the City’s 2014 Peter Hulbert Award for Accessibility.  At the last City Council meeting, Robert Simons and Jim Millar were presented the award by Councillor Rick Glumac, chair of the 2014 Community Care Committee.

The Museum has been working hard to make all its programs accessible.  This is certainly challenging in historic structures and without accessible washrooms.