IOCO Ghost Town Day, Sunday October 5th, 2014

IMG_0360Noon till 4:00 pm

Best Dressed Pet Parade

Rebel Haunt Theatre Group

Pumpkin Pageant

Reno Schembri

 Hourglass Cabaret

Imperial Oil Display

Home Learners Association

Caulfied School of Dance

Pony Rides

IOCO Church Tours

and much, MUCH, much MORE!

Please note that this year due to unforeseen circumstances the Model A Ford Club will have a Show & Shine, rather than provide rides. Our sincere regrets as we know this was a highlight for many of you. The Model A Ford Club is working on a solution but until then we want to ensure we respect these changes and enjoy the event!


Download the Ioco Ghost Down Day 2014 Flyer



  1. Lanny Robinson says:

    I have a vintage airplane that I would like to land on the grass mid-show. Is there enough room to safely perform this? Actually, do not answer this question. I have carefully measured the field myself and am familiar with the previous years’ layouts. I am very good at these sorts of things so do not fear NOR QUESTION my level of expertise. I have to ask though because it is quite impressive and I don’t want to make the others look like amateurs in comparison.

    • Well Lanny, I would never attempt to question your level of expertise but at this point in time the landing field is full. Your request comes in a bit late for your spectacular entry into the Ioco Ghost Town Day event. A fly by can be coordinated if you like…Perhaps we can coordinate something for the coming year. I am so looking forward to working with you! See you Sunday October 5th from noon to 4:00 pm!

  2. Thanks for asking Marylyn but only the Church is accessible. We will have a few enlarged photos of the kids up on the windows of the school and we also are planning to show the IOCO SCHOOL REUNION video from the 90’s. If all goes as planned this year we will have 2 POP-UP Museum tents. The concept is that we erect a mini Museum experience and this year the focus for the display is…IOCO The Early Days. Thanks to one of our amazing Volunteers Gerrit, we have a wonderful digital presentation. Plenty of photos from school days! The Ioco Church tours will be wonderful…I hear they have pulled together some great stories from history to share and I’m most excited to hear the Church bell ringing to announce the next tour…love the sound of church bells!!!

    Another added feature this year is an entrance arch built by another amazing volunteer Peter. We can see from the early photos that an entrance arch for the Fair/Festival was a key feature of the decorations! This year we brought it back…what goes around…

    See you Sunday Oct. 5th from noon till 4:00pm


  1. […] stood there, now down to 13 boarded up houses. Every year in October the Port Moody museum organizes Ioco Ghost Town Day when this site becomes once again alive with people. The Port Moody Station Museum is by itself […]

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