SAVE The BELCARRA COTTAGES…preserve our heritage, please sign and share the petition. Thank you!


  1. RON SIMPSON says:

    The Belarra cottages are, I believe, a piece of true Heritage conserved by the people who live there, and it should remain so.

  2. Someone has to protect rustic communities in BC… and in Canada. They are a part of our heritage and once gone can not be brought back. If the community is not known by you, it shows how it fits into its environment, Otherwise, likely if you do know the community, it will be important to you to be preserved. Help preserve this rustic community.

  3. Mike Charlton says:

    Its just flat out wrong. And the people in BC just flat out get bullied by Government. The people dont really matter. Its all about cash. Cash. More cash. I hope they find a way to fight this.

  4. J Dowling says:

    From what I see in my town, it is a waste of time saving space for the public. To a lot of people, a green space is nothing but a personal garbage dump and pet bathroom. Heritage buildings are torn down , left a vacant lot. Plaques mark where heritage sites used to be. Monuments are moved here and there . No respect for heritage. These cottages are an important part of an area’s history, they deserve to be saved as live in homes which is their purpose. There is probably a way to have public space with trails and keep the homes . A bit of imagination could produce a wonderful living museum. Picnic space sounds pretty boring. Let people know there where others here long before us .

  5. Cecile Gagnon says:

    Preserve the cottages and home in Belcarra park. Lest we forget where they came from!

  6. Josanne Franklen says:

    Soon after losing our eldest brother to cancer and our father before that, my brother moved from Vancouver to Invemere just one year, to what he thought would be a place where he could heal and start a new life and he made major renovations then he was told he had to leave, like all the other tenants in the trailer park who were also devastated and also had to move everything. I met these local people who wanted to keep their homes, they had security, a home, families, friends, gave so much beauty and then it was all gone, similar to what’s happening to the Belcarra cottages, they only gave them a very short extension for those needing more time to relocate, and I believe they absolutely have to give these people who have lived there most of their lives a bit more courtesy, I talked to these people and they are completely dedicated to keeping their homes. Plus they can keep the cottages, there is no need to destroy them, they can have Bed and Breakfast, Artist Ctr, Retreats, I for one say keep them, there are plenty of trails.

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