Heritage Society & Belcarra South Preservation Society is Looking for your SUPPORT


The Belcarra South Preservation Society is working to preserve the cottages at Belcarra. The Bole House is currently designated a heritage home, however the cottages near by are not and the tenants are being evicted! They need your help to effect change and that change would allow them to stay in their homes and preserve a piece of our history. Currently the Vancouver Parks Authority is planning on evicting the tenants, tearing down these wonderful examples of Cottage life on the North shore and …put up a parking lot…and trails! If you can offer your support please connect through the Belcarra South Preservation Societies web site http://www3.telus.net/andreaml/bsps/index.htm and please speak to your representative at your City Hall. It is on the agenda for the next meeting at City of Port Moody.

Thank you


  1. If you haven’t already, may I suggest you start a campaign/petition on change.org?
    It’s a very effective way to email our local MLA and start a more visible online media frenzy.

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