Family Day 10 am to 4 pm – Come for the popcorn stay for the family!


One of the popular activities here is hammering your families special message into a brass plate and then affixing to our railroad ties! Leave your mark and make history!IMG_0770



  1. Hello – I would suggest for your Family day event there should NOT be a charge. While $10 per family is not much, it should have been free. This way perhaps you would have seen an increase in people attending therefore enhancing your society. Your usual by donation would have still provided some fee income. If you must charge a fee, I suggest you advertise the fact on the signage outside and your website. Anyway I expect we will be back as family as I have a 5 year old boy mad about trains. Best Adrian

    • Hello Adrian
      Thank you for your suggestion. It opens up a considerable discussion on our business model and how we provide heritage related services to the community.
      The Port Moody Station Museum is owned and operated by the Port Moody Heritage Society. Most people believe, falsely, that we are a City owned and operated facility like a library and as such funded almost completely through municipal taxes.
      We do get operating funding from the City but this is only about 25% of our total budget. Another 25% is in-kind from businesses and volunteers giving their time; about 35% is grants (Service Canada, Heritage Canada, BC Community Gaming; private – Port Moody Foundation) and 15% we need to find ourselves.
      So our challenge is how to raise the other 15%.
      As a charitable non-profit society, (we can provide tax receipts for cash donations) the Port Moody Heritage Society has a membership with an elected Board of Directors who volunteer their time to oversee the Museum’s operations. The yearly membership is $10/ person or $15/ family. This allows a vote at the Annual General Meeting and a newsletter. Membership fees are not priced as a fund raiser. A larger membership helps with grant requirements and is a source of volunteers. We have a full-time staff of 2 and 2 part-time for weekends only.
      As you note, we use donations at the door for admission to the Museum instead of a ticket price. We recommend a $2/person donation, which we believe is a low cost compared to such other entertainment as going to the movies, but we receive less than an average of $1/person. We don’t want the price to prevent anyone from visiting the Museum so we have to generate funds to cover costs some other way.
      Most of our events are heritage awareness based and budgeted to break even or utilize specific grants like Heritage Canada’s Building Communities Through Arts & Culture to subsidize Ioco Ghost Town day so that it is free. These events require a significant use of our resources.
      Something we have been considering is a major fundraising event like a golf tournament or gala but so many other charities are doing these, it is difficult to develop something unique that will work for us. Plus, these events require a great use of resources.
      I personally would like to have all our events free but I do have to make our budget balance. If you have any thoughts on how we accomplish this some other way, I would appreciate it.
      Jim Millar

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