The Ioco Ghost Town Day Festivities begins in less then a week

Ioco Days Festival – Vintage Radio Show

Sunday September 29,  at 4pm.  Inlet Theatre. Free Family Event! Radio Show - this one is in the ad

Our Annual Ioco Days Festival begins with the Venosta Variety Hour Radio Show. You’ll go back to the days before television when families would gather around the radio to be entertained by stories, ads and music.

 Ioco Ghost Town Day

Sunday, October 6th 12-4pm. Ioco Road & 1st Avenue. Free Family Event!

Enjoy a variety of activities, including pony rides and free tours of the Ioco Town site in a Model A car. There’s musical entertainment by Antique Gold and Five on a String, and site specific theatre by Rebel Haunt Theatre. Visit the games booths while costumed actors wander amongst the crowd and interpret local history.IOCO Ghost Town Day (7)

Dennis Hewson's magic show

Dennis Hewson’s magic show

Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkin Decorating


  1. Cliff Kelsey says:

    Ghost Town comes ALIVE

    A visit to the recent Ioco Ghost Town Day Festival resurrected a past lifestyle that many of us will never know. Visitors were greeted with the sights, sounds and even the smells of an old company townsite on Burrard Inlet. In times past, employees lived and worked in isolated locations with no roads to connect them to distant towns. Everything they needed, from groceries and recreation to accommodation, was provided by the company and this was the world they lived in. On a sunny Sunday, visitors were entertained by a bluegrass band on the old lawn bowling green while browsing the stalls of the outdoor market and displays. It was a thrill to ride in antique cars from the 1930’s while getting a tour of the former townsite. The gassy smells from these old cars reminded some of the very reason this place existed in the first place as the products that were produced here were fuels for the vehicles to run on. A highlight of the day was a production put on by talented actors portraying people who once lived here. If there are ghosts still in the old townsite then their spirits were raised as much as those of the visitors on Ghost Town Day.

    • Thanks for your comments and insight into the IOCO Ghost Town days event. This year the weather was most accommodating and we are looking forward to planning 2014 events, any thoughts and ideas are welcome. Are you a member yet of the Museum? If you are interested it’s a nominal fee and this year will have some special member only benefits. Let us know if you are interested.

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