It’s that time of year again for the Port Moody Heritage Society to meet for the Annual General Meeting of 2013.  All members and the general public are invited to attend.IMG_2137 Nominations for Election June 18, 2013

                       Please note Amanda Maplethorp is running for Secretary not for Treasurer as was noted on the blue nomination sheets that were handed out with the June newsletter.

         The following are willing to stand for election for the Port Moody Heritage Society Board of Directors, 2013-14.

Robert Simons- President

Al Davies -Vice President

Amanda Maplethorp- Secretary

Armando Elias- Director- 2 yr term

Jason Hulbert- Director- 2yr term

Darrell Penner- Director -2 yr term

Dave Ritcey- Director – 2 yr term

Completing Terms as Director 2013-14

The following are completing their second year of a two year term:

Dan Kirchner

Mladen Plecko

Ron Simpson

To be appointed by the board : Treasurer- Irene Reid


The AGM will be held June 18, 2013 at 7:00 pm  at the Port Moody Station Museum, 2734 Murray Street. Please join us.



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